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Player seen against the Midnight Sun at the baseball game in Fairbanks at solstice "The Midnight Sun Game" by frostnip907 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The mid-night sun baseball game is a Must-see for all baseball fans who visit Fairbanks at summer solstice. Read why and what to wear, and much more.

  1. Mid-night Sun Baseball Game
  2. What’s so Special about this Game?
  3. Get a Bite before the Game
  4. What to Wear to the Mid-night Sun Baseball Game
  5. My Outfit on Summer Solstice

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Mid-night Sun Baseball Game

Are you a tourist in Fairbanks, and happen to be here around summer solstice? Then try to get tickets to watch the Midnight Sun Baseball Game even when you aren’t a baseball fan and not even possess a baseball hat. Yes, it’s an s an amateur baseball game. Since 1960, it’s the Alaska Goldpanners against another team. Sometimes a team from Alaska or even a colleague league team. Nevertheless, the Midnight Sun Baseball Game is one on the list of the 10 must-have-seen in baseball.

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This tradition started in 1906. Every summer solstice, the baseball game starts in the Growden Memorial Park in Fairbanks at 10:30 pm. It typically ends around 1:30 am the next morning. This means the game may not actually last until solar midnight, which is at about 1:53 am.

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What’s so Special about this Game?

There is daylight all 24 hours of the day. No floodlights are needed as the Sun only barely goes below the horizon later that night and it does not get dark at all because of the long twightlight. More on mid-night Sun activities at the link.


view thru net at midnight sun baseball game in Fairbanks Alaska
View thru net at midnight sun baseball game in Fairbanks Alaska “File:Midnight Sun Baseball Game.jpg” by Innotata is licensed under CC BY 2.5


Get a Bite before the Game

No, of course not from a mosquito which are like a plague. More on what to do about the mosquitoes in Fairbanks. But it’s best you when you attend the game to have had dinner already. You won’t get any food after the game ends except at the usual fast food restaurants. And, I mean it’s your vacation, right? You should enjoy the special culinaries of Alaska and Fairbanks. Salmon, buffalo and reindeer are must-tries. There are also great breweries in Fairbanks and its outskirts as well as locally made vodka. Get a glimpse at Alaska’s harvested food too.

What to Wear to the Mid-night Sun Baseball Game

I recommend to wear a mosquito net like is shown in the last photo of this post on what Alaskans grow in their yards, jeans and boots for enjoying the game.

When you wear a skirt like shown in the photos of this post, get an Alaskan mosquito repellent that really works. You don’t want to be a bunch of mosquitoes’ midnight snack. And yes, they come with friends. The station (photo below) is close to the Chena River. Thus, it’s a perfect place for the mosquitoes to get your blood and then lay their eggs just around the corner. 😉 When I watched the game a couple of years ago, they were very distracting.


File:Growden Memorial Park Fairbanks Alaska Bleachers and Box Seats.jpg by RadioKAOS is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
View of the station from outside. “File:Growden Memorial Park Fairbanks Alaska Bleachers and Box Seats.jpg” by RadioKAOS is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0


When you don’t like baseball hats or don’t have one in your baggage as you just learned about the game, any other hat – even a Greek fisherman’s hat – will do when you are a tourist watching the game. Thus, wear whatever hat gear you have that helps you to see best when the Sun is at a low position in the sky. See the light conditions in the first photo of this post as an example what to expect on a sunny day.

Otherwise, it’s Fairbanks. You won’t have to be dressed like you dress for going to a sports event in the Lower 48s. This means old blue jeans, hiking boots, flip flops or Birkenstocks, a light-weight jacket in case of gray sky and a flannel shirt are just fine.

Unlike at sports events in the Lower 48, you won’t see-thru Score bag to get fast thru the security line. The lines are short. What to wear?

My Outfit on Summer Solstice

outfit idea for midlife women watching a baseball game

over 50 years old Fairbanks fashion blogger in an outfit for going to a mid-night sun baseball game
Outfit details: Loft floral print skirt, LeatherCoatsEtc fisherman’s hat, Ray Ban sunglasses, Jaeger tote, Fossil white denim jacket, no brand studded flats, Hermes collier de chien bangle, vintage bangle, peridot-pearl three strings necklace and Chelsea and Theodore zip striped T-shirt (all own)


For this OOTD, I combined items, which you have seen before, in a new way for going out for dinner at the river. When you go out for date night in Fairbanks in summer, it’s a casual feminine look. Not too sexy. Every piece of skin you show is a potential invitation for mosquitoes to have dinner. LOL.

Don’t let the right outfit be a lucky incident. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in MidlifeBuy my book now.


Do you always wear your items in the same outfit or do you try to combine them to new looks every time?

When you like the mixed floral print with stripes outfit idea, please pin the photo to your Pinterest board so your friends and family can see it too.

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