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Zoom in on my eyes after putting in the Spooky Eyes violet contact lenses. My eyes look pretty naturally blue and have a naturally looking pattern

This Spooky Eyes review summarizes my experience with their blue contact lenses. Read what I found to decide whether their contact lenses are a fit for you for Halloween or other reasons.


Disclosure: Ad. The contacts are a sample from Spooky Eyes. The post is not endorsed by Spooky Eyes. I wrote the post entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Match Your Eye Color with Your Character with Spooky Eyes

Like most women in this country I have brown eyes. Don’t misread me I love my eye color. As you know I am a dancer and often perform. For such occasions I thought for a while that it would be fun to enhance my dance costume by switching the eye color to match the character I am dancing. Therefore, when Spooky Eyes looked for bloggers to present their contacts I applied to test-drive them. I mean I wear hair pieces in my performances. Consequently, being serious about dancing, wearing the right eye color is just about being serious at what character you present in your performance.


Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses soft violet looking contacts that turn brown eyes into the most sexy blue eyes
Zoom in on a soft natural violet contact lens in its case c/o Spooky Eyes


The photo above shows one of the contact lenses. These are thesoft natural violet ones. The lens pattern is printed on with a large clear area for an optimal field of view. I could not see the pattern when I was wearing the lenses. Note that they are larger in size than normal contacts as they have to cover the entire color part of the eye.


No Sizing Needed

These contacts are one size fits all. I wear hard contacts, a green and a blue one as you probably know. when you are a regular visitor of my blog. I wear contacts since more than 25 years. Thus, I have a good basis for comparison. The contacts that Spooky Eyes sent me as a sample are soft contacts. It took me a little longer than normal to put the first one in. I was irritated by the contact lens’ flipping up and down when I was trying to put it in. Hard lenses don’t do that. After I had grasped that I just had to open the eye far wider than for my hard contacts putting in the second soft one was a piece of cake.

Spooky Eyes Natural Contacts cover even the darkest brown
Zoom in on my natural eye color. They are pretty dark brown and barely show any pattern


my dark brown eyes turn blue
Zoom in on my eyes after putting in the violet contact lenses c/o Spooky Eyes. My eyes look pretty naturally blue and have a naturally looking pattern. They lighten up the face


I was a little worried about getting them out as the instruction read that one should put in wetting drops if one has difficulties removing the lenses. I was very surprised that I could flip them out as easily as my hard ones.


You Can Turn Brown Eyes into Beautiful Blue Eyes

I was pretty impressed that I got naturally looking blue eyes when wearing them. They nearly look like my sister’s blue eyes except that hers are less patterned. I liked being blue eyed for fun. I wore them for going out dancing and test-driving the reaction of friends. Interestingly, when they said something it was that I would look different today.  Well, spooky eyes. 😉


Get Spooky Eyes for Halloween

Spooky Eyes sells not only real looking color contact lenses so you can make a fashion statement or enhance the character of the person you are dancing/playing with a different eye color, but also cat eye contacts, zombie contacts, witch yellow contacts, vampire contacts, white eyes, etc. Besides these expected ones for performance and Halloween outfits, they also have contacts that look just natural except for the eye pattern. Just imagine to show up at the office Halloween party with a different eye color, but your normal work clothes. So interesting to see who realizes it.

Spiral pattern or leopard print are perfect for the party with friends or bar hopping. These ones are for sure an ice breaker at any party 😉

Now comes the quiz. In which of the following photos of my OOTD do I wear the violet contacts that gave me blue eyes. Blue eyes sounds so romantic <3.


fashion blogger with color contacts to change her brown eyes to blue
Wearing violet contacts c/o Spooky Eyes with own The Limited T-shirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, floral print silk scarf, Kieselstein Cord belt, Hermes Medor watch, H-buckle, London Jean boyfriend jeans, Sak bag, and Michael Kors sandals


mature blogger in casual weekend look
As above, but this time with my natural brown eyes


Great Reasons to Change Your Eye Color

You do not need to be a dancer to want to change your eye color. For other special occasions like playing a certain character in a theater group, Halloween, a costume party, and even a high school reunion outfit – if you want to achieve that nobody recognizes you 😉 , you name it, it might also to be fun to switch the eye color with Spooky Eyes.


Photos: G. Kramm

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