All book reviews address the purpose of the book, and for whom or which problems the book may be relevant. The reviews will help you to pick your fashion reading in an educated way. The posts will allow you to meet your reading interests and intents. The goal of the reviews is to help you to asses whether the book is right for you. In other words, that your reading the book may help you solving your questions and/or fashion/style related problems.


Review of Fashion Coloring Books

Launch of my Fashion Coloring Pages e-book

Review of Vera Bradley Adult Coloring Books

Fashion “It Girl” Shantell Martin’s Published Fold-Out WAVE



Books on Fashion Icons, Designers, and History

Style Tribes (Book Review)

Caroline Young: Living with Coco Chanel (Review)

Review of Patricia Gucci’s In the Name of Gucci

Verros, Nick: A Passion for Fashion



Children Books Related to Fashion and Style

I Am Coco

Hair Styles



Book Reviews for DIY

Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes

Review of Ashlee Elle’s Retro Crochet

This iPhone Photography Book Ups Your Skills to the Next Level

When You Want to Watercolor Read this Book First

Watercolor with Markers by Jessica Mack Review

Everyone Can Learn the Art and Science of Drawing with this Book

Review of Clothing Folds and Creases by Michel Lauricella




Review of Christina Chiu’s Book Beauty

Sex, A Love Story (Book Review)



Miscellaneous Subjects

Review of Tom A. Jerman’s Santa Claus Worldwide

Ulrich, Lynda, Dr. Happiness is an option

Review of Grace Liang’s book Finding Grace



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