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Examples of coloring inspirations with the pattern to be colored in "Seize the Day"

Coloring is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. This post reviews the new Vera Bradley coloring books. Yes, that fashion designer.

  1. Coloring is so relaxing for kids and adults alike
  2. The books feature classic Vera Bradley patterns to color
  3. The books review coloring techniques
  4. Create your own greeting cards
  5. Patterns for all levels of skills
  6. Seize the Day and Enjoy the Journey

Disclosure: These coloring books are samples from Vera Bradley. This post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it expresses my 100% honest opinion.

Coloring is so relaxing for kids and adults alike

When you read this blog since a while, you know that I always looked forward to the coloring books on our visits at Granny Hannah and Grandpa Heinrich. I still love coloring books today. Not the ones for kids, but the coloring books for adults. Coloring is so relaxing. It’s like a meanwhile button. You start with a page you like, and then put the color on the paper. When the page is finished, you know that it took time, but it didn’t feel like it.

4 examples of coloring pages with different skill levels
Four examples from Enjoy the Journey to illustrate the different difficulty of available pages.


The books feature classic Vera Bradley patterns to color

Thus, when I was asked to review two new Vera Bradley’s adult coloring books, I was thrilled and immediately said yes. I have loved their “Paisley” and “Floral” coloring books that came on the market earlier this year. So I was excited to hear that there are two new ones. Since more than 33 years, we fashionistas over 40 all know this iconic American brand for their great patterned dresses. So far I had three of their dresses and I loved them for their great prints!

photo showing 2 Vera Bradley coloring books on a coffee table
Photo showing the covers that feature the title and a beautiful pattern in great combinations that show the signature of the designer


Last week, “Seize the Day” and “Enjoy the Journey“, the two new Vera Bradley coloring books were in the mail.

The books review coloring techniques

Each book starts out with a section on coloring supplies, a tutorial on great color pairings, coloring techniques, followed by an art gallery of the pattern in the book and a pattern guide. The art gallery demonstrates how the same pattern can take a different vibe. The pattern guide gives inspirations on how to color the 40 patterns on the following pages.

collage showing 6 coloring tutorials
Collage showing examples of the coloring tutorials that are in the books.

Create your own greeting cards

At the end of the book, there are greeting cards for coloring. The featured, first photo of this post shows three of them with inspiration how to color them. Can it get any more personal then receiving a self-colored card? Your friends and family will love them!

Pattern for all levels of skills

The pattern are popular Vera Bradley pattern. May be there is even a print of one of your former or current bags?! 😉 What I also like are the different degrees of difficulties. There are pattern that are easy to color, perfect for someone who enjoyed coloring as a kid, but hasn’t colored ever since childhood. There are also intermediate and complex pattern for the more advanced and the experienced colorist, respectively. Thus, the book is perfect for a beginner to grow into the field or the whole family. When you are not new to adult coloring, the different difficulties permit you to use the complexity to adjust to your time available for coloring.

Seize the Day and Enjoy the Journey

Seize the Day has many abstract and floral patterns (see examples in the photo above). Enjoy the Journey has floral paisley prints. When you love coloring and chic prints and pattern these Vera Bradley coloring books are must-haves.

pattern from Enjoy the Journey
Three examples of pattern taken from Enjoy the Journey


Color fun for the entire family

These books are worth the money. I definitively would recommend them to my best friends. You can get the Vera Bradley Seize the Day and Enjoy the Journey at for just $10.40 each. That’s much cheaper than a massage at a spa or a cocktail at the pool and the fun lasts longer!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to spend the time waiting for your flight to your vacation destiny relaxing by coloring? I love this great combination of relaxing and diving into the creative fashion print designing world for a coloring session at a time. When will you start coloring your Vera Bradley prints?

Did you know that the company’s commitment to breast cancer research continues to increase its reach through the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer? <3

P.S. Do you know that I have an e-book featuring fashion pages to fill out? Learn more about my inexpensive coloring e-book and how to buy in the post at the link.

Photos: N. Mölders

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