You can create great looks by mining your closet

Mining is a Fairbanks’ tradition

In Fairbanks, mining was (and still is) a big thing. Everyone was a miner. Even the newspaper got the name Daily News Miner. The gold mine outside of Fairbanks is still one of the big employers. It is a big openpit mine.

In winter, inversions build up in this pit. Normally temperature decreases with height. However, when an inversion forms it increases with height. This means it is colder on the bottom of the pit than at the top or aloft. The problem is that the work is done on the bottom of the pit and the inversion keeps the emissions from the heavy equipment in the pit, and may affect air quality in the pit. Inversions namely suppress the exchange and mixing of air with the air aloft. If you look at the piece of equipment from about 100 years ago (on the photo), you can imagine that now the machinery is even bigger and heavier and needs more power to be moved.

#fashionover40 dance outfit @
Jones New York Hawaiian print shirt with pink skater skirt, Michael Kors bag, Ivanka Trump cap-toe pumps, and Gucci belt (all own)

Mining my closet for new outfits

Coming back to the “everyone” is a miner concept, I mined my closet. I found that this brown Hawaiian blouse’s flowers match well the pink of the skirt and that the blouse and skirt together make a nice outfit to go out for dancing. Furthermore, brown and pink together have a nice fresh soft vibe. The leopard pattern of the bag is sort of a neutral and picks up the brown again. The pink on the shoes repeats the darker pink of the flowers in the blouse.

#styleover40 dance outfit with floral print shirt and skater skirt @
Front view on dance outfit with Jones New York Hawaiian shirt, pink skater skirt, Michael Kors leopard print satchel, Ivanka Trump cap-toe pumps, and Gucci belt (all own)

Do you like pink and brown together? When will you mine your closet for a new outfit? send me an email.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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