Wax Bigfoot or Alaska’s Hairiest Man

fashionover40 modern version of Katharine Hepburn culottes with shirt
Leather culottes with J. Crew shirt and Christian Louboutin pumps (all own)


Going back well beyond the gold miners’ days, an annual competition for being the hairiest man exists in Alaska. Actually, the Alaska excitement about hairy men goes back to Alaskan Native stories of Hairy Man, a legendary Alaska version of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. These stories pop up once in a while in the  news).

The end of a girl friendship

Two midlife women work in the kitchen at a local club house preparing food for the upcoming social meeting. They have been friends since kindergarten. They are talking about their husbands. A third woman, who had joined the pack two years ago when moving to Alaska, comes in and puts a heavy bag of beverages on the counter and hears one of her girlfriends asking “Did your hubby win again this year?”

“Yes, he did!” answers the other excited getting about 2 inch (5cm) taller than before with a great proud smile. “Wow, congrats. That’s how many times in a row?” “Fifth” she answers and seems to grow even more in pride. The third one says in a polite voice “Congrats to whatever he won!” and keeps busy putting the bottles into the fridge without looking up.

“Her hubby won the hairiest man competition!” Now the third woman looks up with her eyes wide open as if she had seen a ghost. She stands up tall in front of the fridge with cold air creeping into the room from behind her. “What?” she nearly yells in disbelieve. “My hubby is the hairiest man in Alaska!” “Poor thing, send him to a wax!” the third woman answers with pity in her voice, turns around and finishes putting the bottles in the fridge in a silence where you could hear the house dust mites whispering.

fashion over 40 woman in leather culottes
Back view of outfit leather culottes, J. Crew shirt and Christian Louboutin pumps (all own)


Obviously, hair is part of an Alaskan outfit, usually dog hair. In lack of a dog, I accessorize with cat hair. Just kidding 😉 . In the OOTD, I went for a modern version of Katharine Hepburn with my leather culottes and a striped shirt.

fashion over 40 culottes with jacket
Anne Klein jacket over J. Crew shirt, culottes, with Coach bag, and Christian Louboutin pumps (all own)

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