Wax Bigfoot or Alaska’s Hairiest Man

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Going back well beyond the gold miners’ days, an annual competition for being the hairiest man exists in Alaska. Actually, the Alaska excitement about hairy men goes back to Alaskan Native stories of Hairy Man, a legendary Alaska version of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. These stories pop up once in a while in the  news).

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  2. The end of a girl friendship
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The end of a girl friendship

In the kitchen at a local club house, two midlife women work arepreparing food for the upcoming social meeting. They have been friends since kindergarten. They are talking about their husbands. A third woman, who had joined the pack two years ago when moving to Alaska, comes in and puts a heavy bag of beverages on the counter and hears one of her girlfriends asking “Did your hubby win again this year?”

“Yes, he did!” answers the other excited getting about 2 inch (5cm) taller than before with a great proud smile. “Wow, congrats. That’s how many times in a row?” “Fifth” she answers proudly and seems to grow even more in pride. The third woman says in a polite voice “Congrats to whatever he won!” and keeps busy putting the bottles into the fridge without looking up.

Bigfoot museum in Willow Creek with a wooden stature
Bigfoot museum in Willow Creek, Alaska with a wooden statue of the beast. “IMG_5237” by Bob Doran is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Her hubby won the hairiest man competition!” Now the third woman looks up with her eyes wide open as if she had seen a ghost. She stands up tall in front of the fridge with cold air creeping into the room from behind her. “He won what?!” she nearly yells in disbelieve. “My hubby is the hairiest man in Alaska!” “Poor thing! You better send him to a spa to get a wax!” the third woman answers with an honest pity in her voice. She turns around and finishes putting the bottles in the fridge. The room went so cold silent; you could hear the house dust mites whispering.

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Spring outfit with abstract print dress

Stylist Nicole walking on a lawn in spring outfit

fashion blogger wearing a multi-color dress as skirt with cardigan

details of the studded bag

details of abstract print, bag, leather band, necklace

stylist in teal top and multi-color print skirt with red pumps
Outfit details: Gloria Vander Bilt red pointy toe pumps, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, GNW teal 3/4 sleeves cardigan, unbranded cat eye and citrine necklace, Hermes collier de chien leather bangle, LulaRoe abstract print fit-and-flare dress, Sam Edelman studded bag and unbranded fishnet pantyhose (all own)

This outfit consist of an abstract print dress for summer that I found at Value Village three month ago and a cardigan that I bought may be four years ago. The dress has short sleeves and a scoop neck. Since temperatures are in th 50s (10-15oC) here in the Interior, it’s still too fresh to wear the dress alone. Thus, I wore it as a skirt using the cardigan as a top. Just a cute trick for a transitional look. Or think of it as a smart way how to get more outfits from the pieces you already own. When you like the outfit, why not pinning it to your Pinterest board?

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What are you wearing these days? Can you already wear your summer clothes, or don spring clothing or do you go for a mix of cold and warm season clothes? Just curious.

Top of the World Style linkup No. 258

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Welcome to the 258th Top of the World Style linkup party.

Tiina L in bold orange purple pink and burgundy dress with long earrings
Tiina L’s post at Elegance Revisited became the Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav. Photo from her post.
Suzy Turner featuring Harajuku style in pastels with purple floral print umbrella
Suzy Turner of Suzy Turner became Top of the World OOtD My Fav. Photo from her post.
Shauna in peplum top and lavender dress pants with sandals and flower embellished bag
Shauna of Lipgloss and Lace became Top of the World Style Winner. Photo from her post.

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