How to look great in a long leather skirt

fashion over 40 Outfit with long leather skirt
Long cherry red leather skirt with oversize cable-knit sweater, Hunter boots, statement flower necklace and beret (all own)

You can wear long skirts on dry winter days

Long skirts are a summer thing? No way! They are great on a dry winter day. The temperatures just have to be low enough that even around the warmest time of the day there is no risk of snow melt. Under these conditions, long skirts are great. One can wear warm leggings underneath for nobody to see. Even long johns would work. Everything is covered up and the full length provides some protection too.

Pick two colors and work their different saturation

Here I paired my long cherry red leather skirt with the cable knit sweater borrowed from my husband’s closet and a big statement necklace in beige and rose. The necklace’s beats are sort of a darker and lighter version of the sweater’s and skirt’s color, respectively. The Hunter boots pick up the color of the beige strands in the necklace.

Add extra insulation in rubber boots in winter

Note that when wearing rubber boots in snow it is an urgent need to wear wool socks in the boots. The rubber conducts the cold very well and one gets quickly cold feet outside when one forgets to put on thick socks. Actually, here I am wearing two pair. The one you can see in the photo below that I rolled over the top of the boots for some extra stylish twist and the socks of the tights.

style over 40 woman in a maxi leather skirt
Side view of outfit with long cherry red leather skirt, oversize cable-knit sweater, Hunter rubber boots with wool socks cuffed over the boots, statement necklace and winter white beret

Style your outerwear

Under the sweater I wear a long sleeve layering top to provide some extra insulation. Note that coarse knits like this sweater are “cold bridges”. The air can easily enter or leave through the loops of the knit. Thus, a fisherman cable-knit sweater like this one is not a good protection from the cold in windy climates. Even in cold climates with calm or no winds like in Interior Alaska, it needs some extra thoughts. My solution was to wear the cape shown below that does not easily let air in or out. Paired with the beret the outfit gets a 70s French twist.

fashion over 50 Winter look with cape and long leather skirt
Vintage cape worn over long leather skirt with oversize cable-knit sweater outfit accessorized with LV bucket bag, gloves, statement necklace, beret and Hunter boots (all own)

How do you make outfits? Do you borrow pieces from you husband’s closet?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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