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Coach shoulder bag, Hipstik pantyhose, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Winkwood pink purple mirrored sunglasses, L.K. Bennett patent leather wedges, enamail Thai dangling earrings (all own) and Dalmatian black and white print dress c/o Femme Luxe

Disclosure: Ad. The dress, cropped oversize sweater and sweater vest are samples of my choice from Femme Luxe. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

  1. What Made Me Want to Try These Products?
  2. Sizing, Fit and Quality of these Femme Luxe Garments
  3. Who Will Love this Inexpensive Trendy Femme Luxe Attire as Wardrobe Updates?
  4. Inexpensive tTrendy Femme Luxe Attire in a Nutshell


What Made Me Want to Try These Products?

I had laid my eyes on the brown-black patterned cropped knit jumper Sienna a while ago. The Fendi-inspired knit pattern of this over-size top were one reason. The other was the edgy, chic brown with black color combination. Thus, when I saw it in size S/M,

I couldn’t hold my “put into chart” finger.

fashion blogger in sequin pants and cropped sweater with T design
Outfit details: White House Black Market sequin pants, Celine tote, Prada pumps, pearl brooch, layering top (all own), sunglasses c/o Sungait and brown-black patterned crop knit jumper c/o Femme Luxe


Besides the 1990s cropped top trend ruffles and animal prints are big right now. And polka dots as well as wearing black and white are eternal classics. When it comes as a cool variation on the polka dots in black and white so why not trying this black and white Dalmatian print midi dress – Naomi? It also comes in white and black like the real Dalmatian.

You can’t go wrong with a classic with a twist, right.

More on which ruffles are best for your style and how to wear a cropped top in the linked guides.

Another big trend are sweater vests. They had last be around in the 1990s. A sweater vest is often all it takes to stay comfortable in a shirt or a Tee when it cools down in the evening in summer or when the AC over-performs. This black-white oversized houndstooth sleeveless rib detail mini jumper dress Kristen works for play and work. It also comes in white and black when you prefer light clothes in summer.


stylist in houndstooth vest, white shirt, black cropped pants
Outfit details: White House Black Market, Ivanka Trump suede pink pumps, Edith Leiber gemstone charm belt, Winkwood sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, flower golden ear studs, white shirt c/o Coolibar and black and white houndstooth mini jumper dress c/o Femme Luxe

See this guide for more ideas on how to style the dress-over-pants trend.


Sizing, Fit and Quality of these Femme Luxe Garments

The tops are both made of super soft acryl. The knit is tight, but loose enough to create a nice flow and not make the piece “stiff”. Interestingly, the oversized houndstooth sleeveless rib detail mini jumper dress – I would call it a sweater vest – has the same knit on the inside than outside! Why? Wild guess: The advantage is that buttons don’t get caught in the yarn. Recall knitting such pattern requires to pull the yarn on the left side to the next position it’s needed.

Love that great solution to the problem!

zoom on side slits of black and white houndstooth mini jumper dress
Zoom in to show the cute slits on the sides. They make the piece look like a knit tunic. The length is perfect to cover the hips, midlife belly, and/or bum.


Both knit pieces look good quality for their price, i.e. more expensive than they actually were. The black and brown and the black and white oversize knit jumpers are now on sale for $39.27 $22.26 and $41.89 $19.64, respectively. You can get another 15% off at checkout with Femme Luxe coupon code SPRING15. Given their quality and because they work yearround, you can get them down to under one-dollar-per-wear over their tenure in your wardrobe.

For a mature woman the length of the mini jumper is too short as a dress, but its “tunic” length is just perfect to cover problem zones like hips, bum and lovehandles. Thumbs up! 👍

It may be my petite frame 5 ft 4.5 (1.63 m). The sleeves of the brown-black patterned crop knit jumper are about an inch too long for me. However, they may be the right length for a normal or tall lady. If I had know this, I would have ordered it a size smaller than S/M. However, too big is always better than too small. And, the cut permits shortening the sleeves in just a couple of easy steps that would take no longer than 10 minutes.


style book author in layered outfit in trendy brown with black
The sleeves are a bit too long for my short arms, but will have the right length for a woman with normal length arms. However, since puffy sleeves are a Do right now, it still works well.


The Black & White Dalmatian Print Midi Dress is a perfect fit. I ordered a UK size 10 (US size 6) according to the measures in the size chart. I was sceptical and a bit nervous as normally I wear a UK size 8 in dresses. But glad I did stick to ordering by measures and then determining the size. The dress was exact to the measures given in the chart.

Stylist tip: Never order by size, alway by measure and then pick the size accordingly!!!!!

stylist in ruffle hem midi summer dress
This Femme Luxe dress would also look great with a yellow belt, yellow scarf or yellow bag and gray pumps as a nice variation of a yellow-gray color combination and for a pop of color instead of a more sophisticated Casual Friday look.


The print midi dress is very cheap with $26.17 $11.78. It will go below a dollar per wear in just one warm season. Thus, thumbs up for this trendy, cheap wardrobe update. It’s perfect for the weekend, running errands and going to the farmer’s market as well as on vacation for a dinner on the deck at the beach.

Who Will Love This Inexpensive Trendy Femme Luxe Attire as Wardrobe Updates?

When you are the person who always feels cold at the office in summer, the two jumpers are great trendy wardrobe additions. Since they are both in neutrals, they work well with the typical attire of a business casual work dress code.


over 50 years old woman in mini houndstooth dress with trousers
Back view of casual office look with Femme Luxe houndstooth mini dress jumper worn as tunic/sweater vest.


When you are the gal who loves high-fashion, but doesn’t want to fork over the price then the Sienna jumper is your thing.

A T is a great look-a-like to an F. Maybe even more balanced.

fashion blogger in black-brown patterned crop jumper with sequin trousers
This Femme Luxe top will also look great over a LBD as coverup on cool summer evenings. A shirt and jeans will get an edge with the piece on Casual Friday in a relaxed work environment.


When you are a hard-die romantic and are in the market for a trendy new summer dress, the Naomi midi dress will fit the bill. It has a sophisticated vibe to it with the dark background. In case of the white background, its vibe is more on the romantic side, but still stays out of naive territory. Arm-shy women will love the three quarter sleeves. The relatively high neckline can cover Sun damage from the 1970s.

Verdict: If I would had to pay for them, I wouldn’t had to regret having spent the money. I can definitely recommend these three Femme Luxe pieces to the above groups as trendy cheap wardrobe additions.

Inexpensive Trendy Femme Luxe Attire in a Nutshell

The oversized houndstooth sleeveless rib detail mini jumper dress and brown-black patterned crop knit jumper are good quality for their price wardrobe updates that work yearround. The Dalmatian Print Midi Dress is a cheap versatile fun summer trend update to have in either white and black or vice versa. Browse the Femme Luxe collection now.

Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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