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A rainy Independence  Day is a (grant)parents’ worst nightmare. This post provides a solution how to save the day, and create great family memories. Read why playing the patriotic stuffy bunch puzzle from Buffalo Games not only keeps your kids busy, but how to educate kids about American history along the way.


  1. How to Keep Your Kids/Grandkids Busy on a Rainy Independence Day
  2. A Puzzle from the Americana Collection Keeps Kids Exited
  3. Use the Jigsaw to Educate the Kids about President Roosevelt
  4. What I like About Buffalo Games Patriotic Puzzles
  5. For Whom Will This Product Be a Perfect fit?
  6. Buffalo Games Patriotic Puzzle in Summary


Disclosure: Ad. The patriotic puzzle is a sample of my choice from Buffalo Games. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

How to Keep Your Kids/Grandkids Busy on a Rainy Independence Day

We all look forward to Independence Day for a day of fun in the Sun. For most of us, it means a day off and enjoy great entertainment. We watching the parades and fireworks and listening to the Army or Navy Band. We spend time with our kids and grandkids in a casual setting and proudly wear red-white and blue. But what if it’s a rain(y)? Just listen to the music on the radio and solve a patriotic puzzle. It’s a great family activity, cute, funny, exciting and inspiring.


Later in life, the kids and grandkids will remember that rainy day when you played with them jigsaw.

Furthermore, it is a great way how to educate kids about American history.


A Puzzle from the Americana Collection Keeps Kids Exited

The American Collection from Buffalo Games features patriotic motifs with stuffed animals. See this patriotic stuffy bunch of Teddy bears. Do you recognize Smokey Bear? He is the symbol of fire prevention for more than 25 years. Tell the kids the story about the American black bear who was orphaned during the  during the May 1950 Capitan Gap Fire in Capitan, N.M. Forest Service workers rescued the months-old cub. The cub became the mascot for forest fire prevention campaign. First the black bear cub was called Hotfoot and later renamed Smoky Bear.



Use the Jig Saw to Educate about President Roosevelt

Doing a patriotic puzzle together not only solves the problem to keep the kids busy. It is a great opportunity to educate them about our Nation. Tell them that Teddy bear got its name in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. He was on a hunting trip in Mississippi in November 1902. The trip guides caught a bear and tied it to a tree. Then they asked the President to shoot it, but he refused to do so.



What I like About Buffalo Games Patriotic Puzzles

Since the puzzle has 500 pieces, a family can easily finish it in an afternoon. The pieces are regular. Therefore, you can immediately see when a piece doesn’t belong at a place in a row/column despite the color matches. The puzzle permits education because it naturally inspires the kids to ask questions like


Why does the flag look so different from the star-spangled banner?


I also liked that the bears recalled sweet and funny childhood memories. On rainy, cold winter days, Dad showed us cartoon films with the Paddington Bear. In second grade, we had to knit a Teddy Bear. I had chosen a burned orange yarn!

Other great things about the Buffalo Games patriotic puzzles are as follows. They include a poster which really helps in solving the jigsaw. They are made in the USA from premium quality materials. The finished size is 21.25 inches x 15 inches (54 cm x 38 cm). This means you can use even a folding table to play the game. Best of all, you can buy it online directly from the manufacturer, on Amazon or at your local Walmart. The price of $10.95 is very affordable.


The price is less than most American families spend on fireworks.



For Whom Is This Product a Perfect fit?

This patriotic puzzle is the smart backup plan for any parents, grandparents or babysitter in case the 4th is a rainy day. I can highly recommend this product to all my friends.


Buffalo games puzzle for Independence Day



Buffalo Games Patriotic Puzzle in Summary

The Buffalo Games 500-pieces puzzles of the Americana Collection permits entertaining and is a great option how to educate kids about American history. It can create nice family memories and is very affordable, fun, and can be easily finished in an afternoon. Buy it now to have a great backup plan for the 4th of July.


P.S. When you are looking for keeping teenagers busy see my review about Buffalo Games city puzzles.

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