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Hermes collier de chien bangle, quartz pendant earrings, ethnic belt, Orvis Irish cable knit sweater, J. Crew snake print skirt, Dior over-the-knee boots (all own)
  1. A long -time history of being not paid what one’s work is worth
  2. Inform yourself of the practices
  3. Some jobs are more equal than others
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A long -time history of being not paid what one’s work is worth

When I was a teenager, I had to tutor, and I wasn’t paid for it. I was told, you can’t charge when helping family members. I would have preferred to tutor neighbors’ kids as I then could have made some money. But the limited time I had, didn’t allow to do so as I had to tutor relatives.

Thing went on. When I was a graduate student, I got a position for digitizing data. Interestingly, my male classmates had higher paying contracts that moreover were not so boring. But as a woman, I had no chance to get one of those.

When I had earned my PhD, I took a post-doc position in East-Germany. There employees were first only paid half the amount of that what employees in similar positions  were paid in West-Germany. This fact of course had consequences for retirement benefits as well. Later the pay was raised, but still was less than in West-Germany.

Ethnic gemstone inlay belt over cable knit sweater and snakeprint skirt

blogger with barrette, ethnic belt, Irish cable knit sweater, snake print skirt, over-the-knee boots

style blogger in brown winter separates with snakeskin print skirt and white scarf
Outfit details: Silver barrette, Hermes collier de chien bangle, ethnic belt, Orvis Irish cable knit sweater, J. Crew snake print skirt, quartz cube earrings, DIY scarf, Dior over-the-knee boots (all own)

Inform yourself of the practices

In many European countries, state and federal employees are paid salaries according to tables. The salary raises every two years for just getting older or more experienced, your choice. The initial salary depends on the time in the work field since earning your PhD or whatever qualification was needed for the job. In many countries, for instance, the US this tabular system is not the case. The tabular system ensures the same payment for women and men. Instead, your salary is subject upon negotiation. Thus, when taking a job in a foreign country  – no matter where – check how the salary structure. Doing so will help you to avoid ending up with being underpaid compared to your (male) peers.

Some jobs are more equal than others

In the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)field, nobody has exactly the same education and qualification than someone else. On the contrary, in the service work force, qualifications are more comparable. Think, hair dresser, sales person, etc. the qualifications for the jobs are quite comparable. However, these jobs are dominated by women. On the contray, in STEM, the majority of the employees are still male. not having any role models or mentors, women are often paid less than their male colleagues. Sure, things have improved over time. But with the pace that women salaries approach those of their male colleagues, my great-grand niece may have equal pay.

What are your thoughts on the salary inequity that one often observes?

Look of the day

For this look, I paired my snakeskin print skirt with my traditional Irish cable knit sweater and an ethnic belt plus my over-the-knee boots for one of these bitter cold January days with temperatures below -35F (-37.2oC). The knit has a similar structure like the print, but is much smaller. The color of the sweater and boots repeat in the print of the skirt. The belt with the gemstone inlay birds adds a pop of color to the otherwise all neutral colors outfit.

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  1. donnadoesdresses

    Cool outfit and the pay thing is bloody awful all round – I’m just so over this gender garbage … it’s rife here in misogynist Australia! Thank you for sharing, Nicole!!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

  2. Michelle Churchman

    First, your outfit: loving the snakeskin skirt! Lovely!

    As to the issue of equal pay, I find the issue wholly aggravating. While I do think the STEM fields are extremely important, I also think there is nothing more important than the care and education of our children, (daycare, teachers), and the care of our sick and elderly (nursing). This is the work that puts the civil in civilization. None of it makes any difference without these.


  3. Vale

    Equal pay is an issue for most of women here in Italy as well. Thanks for the linkup! Kisses, Vale

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion & beauty blog

  4. Shauna

    I love this look and thank you for sharing your thoughts! We are way behind on the equal pay scale here in the U.S. and it’s so frustrating -xo


  5. I agree, it is a slow process. My husband is pretty high up in his tech field and it really is a majority of men (there are some women) that have the higher paid positions. It’s interesting how some fields are dominated moreso by women/men, too… and how the pay is def. different in those fields.


  6. Amy Aed

    It’s definitely true that some jobs are more equal than others – but hopefully the less equal businesses start following suit soon.

    Have a good week! 🙂

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  7. aquamarinastyle

    While women have made some strides in equal pay, you are right that we are not there yet. As much as we need people in the STEM field, you’d think pay there would be fair. We will have to keep demanding this and electing people who understand this issue! On another note, your outfit is so cute! The snakeskin skirt looks great paired with the chunky sweater and boots! Stylish winter outfit!

    xx Darlene

  8. mireilleftm

    I only have had teaching jobs and the pay was based on experience and degree. Some states and counties pay more than others. I also have tutored and you can set your own pay which was a nice little extra income after I had kids.

  9. shelbeeontheedge1

    Nicole, I love this outfit. The snakeskin pencil skirt is so great and I love that you belted the cozy sweater. We are not having the bitter cold temperatures that typical for us this time of year. Thank goodness. But it is snowing like crazy at the moment. As for the gender wage discrepancy, I think salary should be based on experience, education, and other qualifications. I don’t understand why gender is still a factor in the matter. But I guess I am not alone in this. It will continue to baffle me.


  10. Amy Johnson

    Oh, that’s cold! It’s only going to be 5 degrees today, so I’m thinking of pulling out my OTK boots for the first time this winter.

  11. Linda Cassidy

    living in Canada I feel we are slightly ahead of the race but still have a long way to go. New Pay Equity legislation is being introduced and I hope it really will end the disparity. Cute look

  12. dousedinpink

    I think equal pay is still an issue even here in the US that we need to continue to fight for. Love your snakeskin skirt!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

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