Which of the following describes your eyes the best?

Which of the following applies to your skin the best?

Which of the following describes your natural hair color the best?

How would you call the contrast between your features?

Are You a Bright, True or Light Spring?
Bright Spring

sub-season bright spring color palette

Your best colors are the most saturated colors out of the 12 seasons. You colors are around a middle value, neither dark nor light. They are bright, clear, warm, vivid, vibrant, and wild. They remind of tropical islands, fruits, flowers and vegetation. Pinks, turquoises and lime greens are your fashion colors. Your blues have a hint of yellow. Your neutrals are greyish browns, warm blues, soft white, yellowish off-white, and gentle greens. Your worst colors are muted/dusty pastels and nudes.
True Spring

12-seasons classification sub-season true spring

Your best colors combine warmth with brightness like warm greens, golden yellows, salmon, orange-reds, peachy pinks. Shades of light warm browns from beige to tan are your neutrals. Your worst colors are cool and muted. Also avoid black, cool grays, purple, dusty browns and muted blues.
Light Spring

light spring color palette of the 12-seasons classifications

Your best colors are light, warm, and clear. Your neutrals are soft yellowish, pinkish off-white as well as light greenish greys. More on how to style pink as a neutral. Your worst colors are overly bright, saturated or dark like dark blue, black, burned orange. Your worst colors are dark and especially black. Buy you light spring color fan now so you can compare clothing with your colors when shopping.

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