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Handcrafted Murano magnificence silver torsade statement necklace c/o Una Alla Volta

Disclosure: This Murano Magnificence Silver Torsade necklace was sent to me by Uno Alla Volta as a gift for Christmas. I wrote the post entirely myself and the post is not endorsed by them. It represents my 100% honest opinion.

My unexpected Christmas gift

I was very surprised last week when receiving a package from Uno Alla Volta, a company that specializes in selling hand-made art items. I had collaborated with them this year and they had sent me a holiday gift as a “Thank You.” <3

When I opened the package I found this beautiful Venetian glass pearl necklace wrapped in an elegant gift box. Yes, I was taught to never look a gift horse in the mouth! However, I thought you may be interested in seeing this beauty and a show-and-tell about it.

gift wrap
Gift box in which the Uno Alla Volta Murano magnificence silver torsade was wrapped

Artisan made pieces are perfect to up personal style

This beautiful Murano magnificence silver torsade necklace is handcrafted by Lorena in her Venetian studio. She lamp-works each bead one at a time over a hot flame in the glass-making tradition of her ancestors.

Venetian glass work tradition goes back to the Middle Age

The skillful Venetian glass work tradition is very famous in Western Europe since the Middle Ages. The Venetian glass work manufacture enjoyed its golden age in the Renaissance with breathtaking luxury glass for the Aristocracy and the newly Rich of the upper middle class in Europe and America as well. Even today, the skillful craftsmanship of Venetian glass work is still unique in the world. No wonder that there was even a Bond movie (Moonraker) where some of the sequences played in the Venice glass museum.

Details of the Murano glass necklace

The beads of the Murano glass necklace are hand-stringed to create this 19.5 inches (about 50 cm) long statement necklace. The multiple strings have beads of different size and are twisted into a torsade. The necklace closes with a spring ring clasp. The necklace comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

#jewelryover40 Murano glass necklace from Uno Alla Volta
Murano silver glass necklace c/o Uno Alla Volta

The Murano magnificence silver torsade necklace is affordable

The Murano magnificence silver torsade necklace looks so stunning and expensive especially when you know that each bead is handcrafted. Thus, I was really surprised how affordable it is when I looked up the price. Can you believe that it is only $99? I saw that Uno Alla Volta also has this necklace in gold instead of silver. I am glad they gifted me a silver one, as silver looks better on me than gold. If you had your best colors analyzed, you know that it just depends on whether your flattering colors have a cold or warm undertone. Good to know that Uno Alla Volta has an option for those women with warm undertone.

How to style a Murano glass necklace

This Murano glass necklace will look great with a LBD for a New Year’s Eve dinner. In summer, it can dress up a simple white Tee with boyfriend jeans and red pumps look. It can also up the style of a work outfit. Just replace your classic pearl necklace with the Murano glass necklace for an unexpected focal point to create interest. You will see many outfit posts how to style inspirations for this beautiful necklace here on the blog in the future. Thus, stay tuned.

Did you get something for Christmas that was totally unexpected? Did you like it? Do you like handcrafted jewelry? How would you style this beautiful Murano glass necklace? Isn’t it a head turner, a must have? Have a look at the golden Murano glass necklace from Uno Alla Volta too. Which one you would prefer or buy? Don’t you think that $99 is a great deal for this beautiful must-have piece?

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Photos: N. Mölders, G. Kramm 

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