Never buy complete outfits

Never buy a complete outfit that you see in a catalog or on an online site. Tweet this. You may end up with only one additional outfit when the individual pieces do not go with anything in your wardrobe. It would be pretty expensive to build a wardrobe like that, right. Before buying anything always think about what outfits you can create with the piece and whether the piece works for more than one season. The latter is especially important in cold climate regions as often layering is the only way to create the insulation you need to stay warm.

#fashionover40 Woman in white leather motorcycle jacket
White leather motorcycle jacket with silk cashmere sweater, pumps and c/o eShakti striped skirt for a workout fit. Here the jacket is worn like a blazer

Think of several new outfits with the piece before buying it

Today’s post uses the striped skirt as an example to demonstrate what I mean. You will admit that a striped skirt is not a neutral that goes with everything, i.e. an item one has to put some thought into before giving it a place in the closet. Thus, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are there – from the top of your head, i.e. without long thinking about it – pieces in your closet that work with the colors and vibe of the item to build at least three outfits?
  2. When/where can I wear it?
  3. Will it work later, i.e. in another season?

To buy a winner the following must apply:

  1. You have to be able to answer the first question with yes. If so take mental notes or notes on you iPhone with which pieces it goes and check immediately at home whether it works so you can return the piece if needed.
  2. The answer to the second question should include the part of your life that you need to dress for most of the time unless you are shopping for a special occasion (wedding, opera, vacation, etc.).
  3. The third answer should be a yes, and you should have at least three ideas, and also take mental notes or notes on your iPhone how, and of course check at home and return if needed.

Here are a couple of outfit ideas how to make multiple outfits with a striped skirt.

#fashionover50 leather top with striped skirt Striped skirt c/o eShakti and own silk scarf, custom-made leather top, Nicole sandals for a work outfit

#fashionover40 woman wearing a skirt on a rainy day Men’s HH raincoat, LongChamp pilage, Hunter rain boots, H buckle, GNW top (all own) to brighten up a rainy and windy day worn with skirt c/o eShakti

#styleover40 woman in polka dot cardigan GNW polka dot cardigan, H buckle, plateau sandals (all own) with skirt c/o eShakti for an office appropriate look on a chilly, rainy summer day

#maturestreetstyle woman in leather bomber VS leather bomber, college T-shirt, L.K. Bennett wedges, Esprit shoulder bag (all own) and skirt c/o eShakti

#styleover40 woman in striped and polka dots work outfit Skirt c/o eShakti with own Jones New York polka dot shirt and Christian Louboutin pumps

#maturestyle woman in office look with sweater Pencil skirt c/o eShakti with own chartreuse and black cashmere sweaters, pearls and Anne Klein slingbacks

#midlifestyle woman in business casual look Skirt c/o eShakti with own Oliveo blazer, Jones New York polka dot shirt, Esprit bag, and Christian Louboutin pumps

#advancedstyle woman in custom made skirt Skirt c/o eShakti with own Moda International silk cashmere sweater, opera pearl necklace and Anne Klein sling backs for an office appropriate summer look

Wear it now, wear it later

In fall, the same outfits can be worn with black tights and fall booties or sturdier shoes than shown here. While in the above outfits, the jackets are only as outerwear for the commute in the early cool morning hours, in fall they serve as the outfit and a trench coat or light leather coat are the cover-up for the commute.

If you are interested in further How-tos you may want to take a look at how to style jogging pants, how to wear capris when it is not hot outside, and how to wear a long leather skirt in fashion over 40.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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