Learning to sew and/or alter your clothes helps you to stay on your fashion budget. Fashion DIY also permits creation of unique clothes nobody else wear. Therefore, posts in this category include tutorials of how to sew clothes, DIY hemming and alterations, dying clothes, up-cycling of old clothes, and other DIY fashion related projects and ideas.

Posts will inspire you upcycle old clothes, and broaden your wardrobe with DIY projects. These how-tos permit the creation of a more sustainable wardrobe as well as to entertain yourself while doing it.

The posts include which tools you need, and how to use them to achieve to desired outcome. Furthermore, the provide information what kind of material you need to carry out the work. Also you can find reasons why to do things in a certain way.

Beauty DIY

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Fun Sustainable Projects

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Making and Altering Your Own Clothes

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Recycling and Upcycling Clothing

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