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Personalized 2-in-1 jewelry styled for a day at the beach

This Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklace review elaborates the customization options, and provides ideas to wear the customized jewelry more than just two ways.

  1. Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklaces for Unique Style
  2. Stylist’s Customization Tip: Mix Metals
  3. Customization options also include size
  4. Great Customer Service
  5. Who Would Love a Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklace?
  6. Great Price-Performance Ratio
  7. Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklace Review in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The Aura gold plated wrap bracelet and silver paw charm are samples from Lizzy James. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklaces for Unique Style

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram showed me a Lizzy James post of their bracelet-necklaces. I was immediately fascinated by their jewelry and the idea that the customer can pick from over 50 leather colors and add charms as you like.

Clicking the link to their store, I found out that they offer these 2-in-1 pieces in gold, rose-gold color and silver plated and in various different styles. Consequently, everyone can find a flattering metal color for theirr skin undertone. No matter whether your personal style is Romantic Style, Urban, Casual, American Classic, Glamour, or Bohemian Style, you name it, they have it, and you can create a personalized unique piece that is so you.


Stylist’s Customization Tip: Mix Metals

When you mix the metals, you’ll never have the problem that the buttons of your clothes have a different metal color than the claps on your shoes, your belt buckle and/or your jewelry. Just add charms in the right metal color, and your Lizzy James signature piece ties your outfit together.


wrist of an older woman adored with a band covered with ornaments and tubes
Close-up on the wrist band with silver paw charm attached between two tubes to show details of the ornaments, beautiful color and the closure hook.



Customization Options also Include Size

You can even have a custom made size from tiny to XXXL. This means the wrist band will fit perfectly for best style. I ordered a size S and the look is exactly how I dreamed it up.

My American readers also may love that all their products are made in the USA by hand. The company is majority-female, employee-owned.


customized bangle on mature arm
Teal and gold colored wrist bangle c/o Lizzy James.



When my customized -made jewelry arrived, I was especially impressed by the great fit and the quality dye of the leather wrap. The leather color is so posh and well done, you can even wear this bangle at the office.

gold plated arm piece with teal color
Aura gold plated arm piece c/o Lizzy James.



Great Customer Service

I ordered the Aura gold plated wrap bracelet with a teal leather band in size S and a cat paw charm in silver. Next I received an email from the company double-checking that I really wanted a silver charm on a golden bracelet-necklace. They also asked whether I preferred attaching it via a jump-ring or a small lobster clasp. A third option was to add it to the clasp area. Wow, I was pretty amazed how far you can go with creating your very personal bracelet-necklace. I was even more impressed how considerate they were to make your jewelry exactly as you dreamed it up.

Living in Alaska, where you have to order things online all the time, it is very important to me to mention that they offer free shipping for US standard rate orders. <3


Who Would Love a Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklace?

This jewelry is perfect to don your personal style. It’s also great to pack for a summer business trip or vacation. Since it can be worn on the wrist or around the neck, you can wear the piece on the plane with all your charms. You have all the jewelry you need in a save place. At the location, you have all the options of a wrist band, and necklace. You can even wear charm as a pendent.


One charm gives you already four options.


pendant ornamental chain
Wrap c/o Lizzy James styled as pendant ornamental chain.



Price-Performance Ratio

Speaking of money. You can set your budget and start from there. Of course, you can add new charms any time. The combination I chose was a little under $100. Your customization makes it a signature piece that you wear several times each week. As a result, your investment will go below $1 very fast. According to my criteria, this Lizzy James bracelet-necklace is a great deal. I can really recommend it to my best friends.


The bracelet-necklace is great for every fashionista on a budget. You get at least two looks and buy only one piece. Who doesn’t love that? 😉


Here some customization ideas to start from.


Lizzy James Bracelet-Necklace Review in a Nutshell

The wrap bangle permits two looks with one piece, can be customized, is affordable even on a budget, and has the potential to become the signature piece of your personal style. Customize your bracelet-necklace now.



cat with Lizzy James cat charm on leather band
Our cat Celestina donning the jewelry c/o Lizzy James


Photos: G. Kramm

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