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When you can’t do much outside, one of the best home improvements you can make is investing in a movies on-demand subscription. This post features how great entertainment can create font memories, makes you feel at home, why it’s a Must-Have for many Alaskans and how you can save big with coupons.

  1. My First Cinema Visit Was a Walt Disney Movie
  2. Why a Video Streaming Service Is a Must-Have at Home in Alaska
  3. Disney Comics Were More Fun than Children Books
  4. Movies in the Dorms Made Me Feel at Home
  5. Disney Studios and Park Orlando
  6. In a Nutshell

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My First Cinema Visit Was a Walt Disney Movie

When I was a little over five years old, my Mom took my sister and me to the cinema for the first time in our lives. Dad had to watch our little brother who was a little over 6 months old. I can’t recall the title of the movie. But probably the translation from American to German was not one-by-one anyhow. I only remember that it was a great fun story with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on vacation at the beach. Of course, tons of fun mishaps and very entertaining (like everything from The Walt Disney Company). Ever since Disney+ started in November 2019, I wish I could remember the title to watch it again. They currently have lots of discounts and there are big deals with coupon codes.

For information of my non-American readers or those who haven’t subscribed (yet), Disney+ is a video on-demand over-the-top streaming service belonging to The Walt Disney Company.

Why a Video Streaming Service Is a Must-Have at Home in Alaska

In Alaska, a subscription to such a service is a Must-have home improvement. Having on-demand video streaming in your house makes it so much easier to find a house (and pet) sitter. At below freezing temperatures, water pipes will freeze when you fail to hire someone who flashes the toilets and runs water at least daily. That’s why you need a house sitter when you go on vacation in winter.

House sitters prefer homes with video streaming service. On Disney+, you/they can even watch movies together with up to six friends, even when apart! House sitters want to have great entertainment while living in your home. This means such a service is an attractive living room addition. Typically, they are graduate students who live in dry cabins without running water when they are not house sitting. Especially during winter and spring break, they are on great demand. Thus, a video streaming subscription is an investment in your home that pays off big time

… and you can save a lot with the sale and coupons!

Well, you want the sitter to actually live in your home while you enjoy the beaches of Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, you name it. Keeping them well entertained is how to achieve it.


3 famous Disney movies Star Wars, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse
Examples of famous Disney movies like Star Wars, Cinderella, Micky Mouse, Remember the Titans, The Parent Trap, Honey I shrunk the Kids, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Nightmare before Christmas, Mary Poppins, Aladin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Mighty Ducks, Queen of Katwe, …. who doesn’t love them?

Disney Comics Were More Fun than Children Books

In first grade, my Mom tried to introduce me to the children books she had loved reading as a child. However, I found the comics my Dad bought once a week so much more inspiring. Micky Mouse being the first mouse on the Moon or walking on the rings of Saturn (which actually are dust, ice, chunks from asteroids, comets,  shattered moons). It was the time of the Apollo program. I loved everything extra-terrestrial! Sure I had to watch the first Moon landing live on TV! Read more on how NASA inspired me as a seven years old girl.


photo of Disney comic showing Mickey on the rings of Saturn
Photo of a page form a childhood comic book showing Mickey Mouse taking ice from the rings of Saturn

Movies in the Dorms Made Me Feel at Home

In the mid 1980s, I was a graduate student in Clermont Ferrand, France. The dorm had three TV rooms to make students feel at home. The third channel streamed a Donald Duck comic movie once a week. It was my favorite show. This duck spoke better French than I did, but with a quacky undertone. So funny.

Disney figurines as decoration
These figurines were my bathroom decoration when I was in graduate school. They were standing on my bath tube.

Disney Studios and Park Orlando, Florida

As a graduate student, I spent a vacation in Florida. I saved a lot of money on that trip using coupons for all kind of stuff. This meant I could do more with less. My favorite highlights of that trip were the Heminway House with its many cute cats, the visit of the Cape Canaveral NASA rocket launch facility, the Disney Studios and Park. How many films might have been made there that you now can watch on Disney+ whenever you want from the comfort of you own home? Not only the Golden Girls.


young woman pulling Goofy's ear in Disney Park Orlando

Me having fun 30 years ago pulling Goofy’s ear in Disney Park Orlando. At that time, they were filming the Golden Girls series.

In a Nutshell

Great entertainment can improve your quality of life and creates font memories. You can save big with coupons not only in the fashion sector, but also in other sectors like  home improvement and when on vacation. Always keep your eyes open for a good sale and make searching for promo codes a habit. When you want to make a New Year’s resolution,

Tip: Make couponing a lifestyle, and live a Rich life even when on a budget.


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