Which of the following best describes your eyes?

What of the following best describes your skin?

Which description best matches your hair properties?

How would you define the contrast between your features?

Are You a Deep, True or Bright Winter?
Deep Winter

color palette of sub-category deep or dark winter

You are a dark aka deep winter.   Your hue is medium cool, your value is dark, and your chroma is medium bright. This means your best colors are highly saturated, relatively bright, and you best style them to create high contrast. Your color palette encompasses pinks, reds, purples and blues. Your yellows must have a hint of blue. Given your chroma your colors are not fully saturated and bright, but rather dark than bright.   Your neutrals are black, true white, light beige, light gray, dark blue and dark green shades, If you have very light skin you can wear a monochromatic black outfit. You can wear both silver and gold, but silver looks better on you.   When styling outfits create strong contrast between your colors in hue (e.g., white with blue, gray and red) and value (light vs. dark). More on styling blue and white outfits.   Your worst colors are light and warm or desaturated, toned-down, read light, warm, dusty colors.
True Winter

sub-season true winter best colors

You are a true winter.   Your hue is cool, your value is medium-darker. Your chroma is halfway between medium and bright.   Your palette spans the extremes of light, dark and bright. Think of a winter landscape or a starry night. This means your best colors are saturated, bright and vibrant. This includes the coolest, iciest colors with a clear blue undertone. Consequently, there are only few bluish yellows. Your best colors include shades of blue and icy pinks.   Your neutrals are true black and true white. You are the winter who can wear head-to-toe true black, head-to-toe true white, or styling a black-and-white outfit without a pop of color. Other neutrals are dark blues and browns as well as light beiges and grays.   Your pastels are all frosty, icy with a bluish undertone. Pair them with your dark neutrals to create contrast. Styling outfits with contrast is best for you, but you can also wear all-dark or all-light monochromatic looks. More on styling monochromatic outfits.   You look great in hounds tooth, black and white herring bone blazers and suits. When wearing prints look for high contrast between the background color and the print. Go for prints that have only few or no colors of other palettes.   Your worst colors are warm and muted.
Bright Winter

winter sub-season bright clear winter colors

You are a bright aka clear winter.   This means your hue is on the cool side, but not at the end. Your value is on the middle between light and dark with a slight favor for dark because of the bluish undertone of your best colors. Your chroma is unmuted meaning color best colors are highly saturated. This means like all winter seasons, your colors are mainly cool, and dark.   However, in contrast to the other winter seasons, your best colors are also bright, vibrant and intense. They are not frosty. You can wear neon yellow, acid greens, and bright fuchsia. Yellow shades with a tint of blue as well as colors that have a tint of blue like pinks, Royal blue, purples, Iris blue, dazzling blue, and bluish green shades which are saturated look great on you. You can wear both silver and gold, but silver looks better on you. Black and white are also in your palette. But don't wear them alone head to toe. Add a bright pop of color.   Your neutrals are charcoal, true white, light grays and light beiges as well as bluish black.   Your most unflattering colors are muted and warm.  

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