Why skinnies are an Alaska classic

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J brand skinnies with Burberry coat, Jaeger tote, fedora, camouflage booties (all own)

Lately there is a lot of discussion about skinnies having had their moment. Skinnies have their name because they are like a second skin. As teenagers we defined that a good pair of skinnies when coming out of the laundry should close only when laying flat on the bed. 😉

In Alaska, skinnies are a favorite among women. On first thought this does not make much sense. As a matter of fact skinnies have no insulating air layer between the body and the fabric which would be very helpful to stay warm at temperatures in the double negative digits. Moreover, it is impossible to wear long-johns underneath.

Thus, why do Alaskan women wear them? While long-johns don’t work, fflannellined tights do work. Add a pair of wool socks and you are done with less hassle and gaps than with a pair of long-johns, two pair of socks with jeans combo. Plus skinnies allow wearing warm high boots (example here). Keeping the feet warm is very important. The alternative is wearing bootcut jeans as they go over the boots. However, bootcut jeans may catch snow which melts when going inside, while the skinnies being in the boots don’t get into contact with the snow.

Skinnies look great when worn with a coat as is shown in the photo above and the next photo .

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Apricot double-breasted layered coat c/o Lookbook Store paired with skinny jeans, black mock neck top and nude slingbacks

Skinnies also provide a sleek look when an insulating skirt is worn on top of them to protect the thighs when wearing a bulky down jacket. The advantage of wearing an insulating skirt and a down jacket over wearing a down coat is the lower weight on the shoulders.

Skinnies also look fabulous when worn with a kuspak, an Alaskan native dress made from cotton or as outerwear, made from fur on the inside and velvet with various decorations on the outside. I sew the kuspak parker in the photo below, but used faux fur. A dance friend offered me real wolf fur for the hood, but I declined his offer.

Since in Alaska comfort and practicality are high priorities, skinnies are timeless, and a classic at the Last Frontier. Tweet this.

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DIY kuspak parker with faux fur accents on the hood, sleeves, and skirt and quilted lining

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