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View on Denali in Denali Park, Alaska on a pristine, clear day. "Alaska 2005 1 (172)" by raer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Consequences of a name change or not?

Mt.McKinley now is called Denali again and that changes many things. #Alaska #Denali Click To Tweet

“Why?” you ask yourself even when you have followed the Mt. McKinley – Denali debate after President Obama announced the name change.

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In Alaska, view points have a plaque showing the panorama of the Alaska Range and pointing out Mt. McKinley. They have to be changed. All map publishers have to make a new edition to have the name of America’s highest mountain right. Ok, thanks to photogrametry, they have to reprint the maps anyhow as the height was corrected. But it doesn’t stop right there.

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In Alaska, many businesses have Mt. McKinely in their name to associate the greatness of this mountain with their work and/or service. Our cat, for instance, goes to the Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital for her vaccines.

Do they now have to change their company’s name? If so, they will have to change their webpage including domain name, ads, email addresses, car and letterhead prints, the embroidery or print on their employees work clothes, etc.

Now what about the Mt. McKinley Bank? If they would rename to Denali Bank, they would be at risk to be mistaken for the Denali State Bank. Oops! It looks like they’ve got a problem.

I better stop here. 😉

Which name do you prefer for America’s tallest mountain?

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