Which of the following defines your eyes the best?

Which of the following applies best to describe your skin?

How would you describe your natural hair color?

Which of the following describes the contrast of your features the most accurately?

Are You a Light, True or Soft Summer?
Light Summer

color palette for summer sub-season light summer

Your summer sub-season is light summer. Therefore, your hues a medium cool, your values are light, and your chroma is medium bright/medium muted. This means your palette includes only bluish medium yellows, Your neutrals are ash brown, dark grayish blues, light muted-beige, light gray, and light-cool brown. Your worst colors are dark (e.g., true black), warm, bright and vibrant (e.g., orange, warm reds). Styling-wise monochromatic looks with slightly different tints of the same hue look great on you. More on styling monochromatic looks. Pair colors of your palette that have little value contrast between them. Try a neutral with a brighter fashion color of your palette. Analogous color combinations look great on you. Avoid all neutral outfits. Your best prints have only colors from the light summer color palette. However, small amounts of color from a different season may still work. Go for low contrast prints. You look stunning in gentle, delicate floral prints, brush strokes and water-color inspired prints. They should be loosely arranged (e.g., Laura-Ashley-like or Vera Bradley-like floral prints). You can wear both gold and silver jewelry, if the pieces are light. Rose quartz and white or pink pearls are great for you.
True Summer

What is my summer sub-season featuring true summer

Your color sub-season is True Summer. Your hues are cool with a medium slightly to light values and muted chroma. This means your flattering colors are cook with bluish undertone, dusky and grayish, rather than bright and saturated. Your neutrals are dark cool grays, dark blues, cool browns, cool light grays, light sand shades, and grayish blues. Your worst colors are warm, bright, and saturated including pure white and pure black. Styling-wise your best best color pairings complement each other or have medium contrast. More on complementary colors. You can wear monochromatic looks with a light and dark shade of the same hue. Another option are outfits with a neutral and fashion color in similar or slightly different values from your color palette. You also look great wearing analogous colors. Avoid highly contrasting color combinations like complimentary colors. Of course prints in true summer colors are best, but a small amount from a different season is ok most of the time. Medium contrasts prints are best. Not to delicate floral patterns or brush strokes look best on you. Avoid stiff, ordered geometric and dense patterns. Regarding jewelry brushed or satin finished silver, white gold and platinum are the most flattering for the True Summer. Great gemstones are amazonite, amethyst, apatite and pearls with bluish or pink undertone.
Soft Summer

best color palette for sub-season soft summer

You are a soft summer. Your hues, values and chroma are medium-cool, neutral-light, and muted, respectively. Therefore, your colors are cool yellow with blue undertone, blues, pinks and grays that are neither dark nor light. Furthermore, they are very desaturated, and muted. Your neutrals are grayish dark browns, muted browns, light grays, and sand tones. The worst colors for you are bright and warm. Styling-wise monochromatic looks with slightly different shades of the same hue work for you. Pastels and grayed-out are best to create these looks. More on styling monochromatic looks. True summers also look stunning in analogous colors. Avoid hue contrast like complimentary colors. When choosing prints go for low contrast with colors of the True Summer palette. However, low contrast prints with small amounts of color from a different season may work too. look for delicate, gentle, soft prints like florals, birds, and water color, Avoid large and geometric prints because they clash with your soft appearance. You can wear brushed, matte, satin, or hammered rose gold, gold and silver-colored metals, but silver looks best. Light to medium dark pearls work well with your soft appearance.

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