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Are You a Soft, True or Deep Autumn/Fall?
Soft Autumn

soft autumn sub-color season palette

You are a soft autumn. This means your appearance is soft and gentle because your hue is medium warm with a medium value, and a muted chroma. Consequently, they are muted and desaturated, neither too warm nor too cool. The colors of your palette have little contrast among each others. They have a soft, but rich appearance. Your palette encompasses yellow, warm shades of blue (e.g., turquoise), warm greens, and warm browns al desaturated. Olive greens and delicate reds, Cardinal red, and pinks look great on you too. You can wear both silver and gold, but look better in gold. Your best neutrals are dark brown, dark gray, dark green, dusty warm dark gray, off-white, yellowish beiges, and sand shades. When wearing prints go for low contrast pattern in soft autumn colors with small soft motifs like florals. Stir away from harsh motifs like large, geometric or ordered patterns. When styling outfits go for blending colors and values, rather than creating contrasts. Monochromatic looks with slightly different shades of the same hue look great on you. More on styling monochromatic looks. Avoid color blocking with complimentary colors. Rather go for analogous color combinations. Wood, amber, citrine, greenish gemstones, bone, yellow, rose and green gold look great on you for accessories. You look worst in bright colors, especially, when they are cool, as well as in dark colors like black. True white is not for you.
True Autumn

sub-season true autumn of the 12-season classification

Your color sub-season is True Autumn. This means your colors have an extremely warm hue, a medium dark value, and medium muted chroma. This translates in not fully saturated colors ranging from fairly light beige over warm yellows, spruce yellow, orange, burned orange, warm greens and warm browns, maroon, to fairly dark deep brown. Your neutral colors are dark browns very dark, olive-ish greens, off-whites, warm beiges, cream, and ecru. Your worst colors are cool and bright (e.g., magenta, true black, bright blue, true white) as well as icy pastels. When styling outfits go for lower level of contrast like either pairing colors with similar hue or value. You also create stunning monochromatic looks with different shades of one hue, for instance, light and dark turquoise. More on styling monochromatic looks. Other great options are combining a dark neutral with a light, rich fashion color of your palette, for instance dark olive or oxblood with mustard yellow. Avoid all neutral outfits and color blocking with complimentary colors. Try analogous colors instead. When wearing prints go for true autumn color pattern with low contrast that are not too bold. Small amount from another palette may work. Great pattern for true autumns are leaves, oval shapes, paisley, oriental and geometric retro patterns. Florals are not a good option for you. Hammered, matt or oxidized gold, copper, brass and bronze are great options for jewelry. Amber, citrine, and warm greenish gemstones work for you.
Deep Autumn

colors of the deep autumn palette

Your autumn sub-season is deep aka dark. Your best colors have a medium warm hue, a dark value, and medium chroma. This means your best colors are warm, rich, and dark, You palette includes golden, mustard yellow, orange and red shades as well as turquoise and greenish blues. Your colors are neither soft and muted, nor vibrant and bright. Your neutrals include a warm black with greenish undertone, dark chocolate browns, warm shades of beige, and yellow. Your worst colors are toned-down dusty pinks and blues, icy, cool, white, and pastels. When styling outfits go with contrast in value rather than hue, i.e. light with dark. You can wear complementary colors when they belong to your color palette. More on styling with color blocking. While you can wear monochromatic outfits, it's not your best option. If you like the look go for the largest difference between the hues. All neutral looks are also not in your favorite. The best prints are those that include just deep autumn colors. However, small areas of a color from another palette still works for you. Prints with a natural high contrast, big, natural shape are best. Geometric retro prints, leaves, ovals are good pattern options. Stir away from dense (Laura-Ashley-like prints). You can wear both gold and silver, but gold, bronze, brass, copper and pewter look better on you. Go for hammered, antique, or oxidized, rather than polished metals. Carnelian, garnet, jasper, tiger-eye and emerald are gemstones to try.

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