Work horse

#fashion #over40 Outfit with leather skirt
Halogen tan leather skirt with mockneck cashmere sweater, oversize Great Northwest denim jacket, heeled duck boots, accessorized with 3.1 Philip Lim tote, carved gemstone necklace, and H-belt (all own)

A sale item is a great deal when it becomes a wardrobe staple

It looks like I get much more wear out of this skirt than I expected when I bought in at Nordstorm’s anniversary sale. The tan color sort of goes with nearly everything and allows to style the skirt as a classic fall outfit, wear it with a summer top in fall, style a Hawaiian shirt for fall, wear it with typical fall colors, style it with animal print, tartan) or go casual like in today’s outfit or tomboy casual with cap. It has become a real wardrobe staple, a work horse so to say.


In this outfit I paired three neutral color hues: blue, brown, and pink. Again like in last weeks post I use the carved stone animal necklace to tie the colors together. Last week the necklace’s pink gems tied the three shades of pink together.

For today’s OOTD, I added the H-belt to not let the outfit get too casual and to keep it work appropriate in a creative/casual work environment.

Layering adds insulation and interest

I am wearing my pink cashmere sweater with a long sleeve T-shirt underneath. Thus, the denim jacket is the the third layer. I also wear two pair of tights. If you do not want to create a wood-type pattern, you have to wear a semi-opaque pair as under-layer and a thick opaque one as outer layer. I like those tights that have a flannel inside, on those frigid cold days, i.e. with temperature lower than -22F (-30C). Nevertheless, I felt pretty cold when we made the photos outside.

Styling the outerwear

Of course, I only went outside in this outfit to have the photo taken. Brrr! It takes commitment! However, when I really went outside to go to work, I added my thick shearling coat. To not look like Mama Bear, I used a tiger eye belt to add some shape. Since I had a ride to work, I only took my driver’s cap. If I had to take the bus and would expect to have to wait outside for a couple of minutes, I would have taken a hat that covers the ears. However, when you have a ride in Alaska, the driver drops you off in front of the door, and then parks the car. <3

#over40fashion styled winter outerwear
Chocolate brown shearling belted with tiger-eye belt for shape worn over tan leather skirt with heeled duck booties, LeatherCoatsEtc. blue gloves, 3.1 Philp Lim bag and driving cap (all own)


Are you always happy about the items you bought on sale? What do you buy on sale? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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