Women have no expiration date

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Now women are done with 25! Did you read the Huffington Post? Dior’s new face for anti-aging products is Cara Delevingne! Of course, I can see why Cara accepted to be the ambassador/face or what ever it’s called. Congrats to her. She is a top model striving for an acting career after modeling. She is a professional young woman who recognizes a good deal when she sees it. And women, she would be stupid not to cash in and take this great opportunity to grow her publicity for her future career. When her plan is to become famous enough for an acting career after modeling, she has to no other choice, but take this once in a career chance.  She knows too well, that unfortunately, modeling is still not a job a woman can persuade until retirement. She see it every day at work, there are no older colleagues on the top runways of Milan, Paris, London, New York, you name it.

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Anxiety turning 30, being ashamed of age is wrong

When I was a kid there was this ad “Oil of Olaz, für die Haut ab 30” (Oil of Olay,  for the skin after 30). As a kid, I believed and was terrified that a woman is past her prime at age 30! I thought that when I turn 30, I’m done. It’s the end of being interesting. Societal value would only be by being a mother raising the kids, and after 60 nobody would even look at you except your grandchildren. Nobody would even realize when you are fat like a mailbox. I was even ashamed of my “old” parents! In the aftermath, how sad is that?

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Some men even look better as they age

Now we are done with 25! Why is it that women aren’t allowed to age, but men are? Well, I have to admit some men look better when they get older. Just think of Martin Sheen or Sean Connery. I found Martin Sheen looked like the average, boring boy next door in “Apocalypse Now”, but he looked so cool as the Secretary of State in an “American President”, even better than Michael Douglas. For my taste, Sean Connery was the most unattractive looking James Bond right after David Niven (he looked gawky in my opinion), George Lazenby (square head, jug ears, do I have to say more?), and Timothy Dalton (fake smile, the blueprint of an emoticon). Well, I may be biased, but the coolest Bond was Pierce Brosnan, followed by Daniel Craig.

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Men are not the target

Of course, I could now call the cosmetic industry on that they are leaving out an entire potential market by not telling men that their skin is aging after 25? indeed, they are leaving out a chance to make big money. Some men may look better as they age, but most don’t. It’s like with wine, not every wine tastes better with time. 😉 Furthermore, no man knows whether he is of Sheen or Connery type or will age into a look like Erich Honnecker. 😉

Wrinkles have nothing to do with aging

What is wrong about wrinkles anyhow? An elephant baby is even born with them and looks so cute! Isn’t that monkey baby cute? It’s also born with wrinkles. Now we are talking. We started aging as soon as we moved out of that apartment called uterus.

Self-maintenance, nothing more, nothing less

Why aren’t women’s wrinkles cute, but called aging? Not that I like mine! I fight them as the next gal. But I also fight growth of my  love handles and belly. It’s called self maintenance, and yes, I am high maintenance. Often the only argument that works not to eat a dessert or cookie, that I wouldn’t fit anymore in my favorite leather pants – the silver ones.

Sometimes we even pay more for “aged”

Why isn’t aging considered good in women? Don’t we often even pay more for “aged” like when buying Whisky, aged cheddar cheese, or Cognac? My granny taught me that a A Christmas stollen has to be baked in November to be perfect on Christmas Eve. And it’s true. Confession, I buy brie only when it is on sale because it is shortly before its expiration date. At home, I put the brie on the counter and let it sit there for two weeks or so. It is then way after it’s expiration date. When I cut it, the cheese is so ripe it flows and the cheese is really sharp. I love aged cheese!

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It’s all about money and education

Even today gals are still educated to please instead of to stay there ground for who they are. A woman who knows what she wants and what she is worth is less easy to manipulate. guys are educated to put their foot down. Thus, it’s harder to sell them that their skin is done at 25.

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To make my point: When women think of themselves as less worthy just after they past a certain age, society is heading down a very dangerous path. Anxiety of young gals of aging are just the start. Depression of young women on their 30th birthday, now even the 25th, are the next step down the road.

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Be happy about every free trip around the Sun that you get. Enjoy it. Age is just a number. And yes, buy the anti-aging products when they make you happy about how your skin looks. But tell every young girl and woman that
Women have no expiration date. #ageisjustanumber Click To Tweet

Have you been anxious about getting old when you were a kid? What’s your greatest challenge related to aging?

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