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#fashionover40 Winter look in blue white and black at
Shearling coat with beret, belted scarf, polka dot tights , shearling booties, ethnic belt and statement bag (all own)

Styling outerwear

This photo above illustrates one of my favorite ways to “dress up” my coats. My outer outfit always is governed by what will be showing when wearing the coat. Here the blue tights with black dots scream for picking up the black and blue in the outer outfit. Thus, I chose my black short shearling coat and my black shearling boots. Here I wrapped a long scarf around my neck, hold it with a barrette and belted the ends of the scarf with a matching statement belt. To add a pop of color and brightness to this winter outfit I added my royal blue, white and black trapeze bag. You saw this bag before. The finishing touch is the white beret that I wore last time with a long skirt.

#over40Styling a LBD for the office | High Latitude Style |
LBD with denim shirt, polka dot tights, statement bag, DIY statement belt, and L.K. Bennett blue patent leather pumps (all own)

Switch the shoes at the office for great style

The trapeze bag is big enough to hold my patent leather L.K. Bennett blue pumps that I wore at the office. The blue tights with black dots were paired with one of my favorite sheath dresses and a denim shirt. I wore a large belt that I made myself in a recreational class when I was in college.
Do you style your outerwear? Do you try to create an outfit like you do with your other clothes? How do you keep things interesting in winter? Let me know, I am curious. I love to read your emails.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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