Love your layering look on cold beautiful spring days

Springtime in Alaska is below freezing

Two weeks ago temperatures were around freezing and it was warm enough to go to work in the outfit shown below. Last week we had temperatures as low as 0F (-18C). The weather reminded Alaskans that Alaska has only summer and winter, sort of. Spring in Alaska means below freezing temperatures.

#fashionover40 Office look with layering a leopard print top under a cardigan
GNW leopard print sweater worn as top under Ap09 silk cashmere cardigan with G-III suede skirt, Moschino belt, D&GM sunglasses, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Apostrophe ankle straps pumps (all own)
Springtime in Alaska is temperatures below freezing. #Alaska Click To Tweet

Leopard print looks great with red

Here I wear again a cardigan as a top with another cardigan on top to build an appropriate insulation layer. I love the combination of leopard print with red. Thus, I put my suede leather skirt on. Well, I have to admit that it also was sort of windy. At least what an Alaskan living in the Interior thinks it is windy. The suede leather skirt is a great way to keep the wind from reaching the skin.

Wearing leather is a great way to keep the wind out. Click To Tweet
#maturfashion Woman in work outfit with layering
Office look with GNW leopard top cardigan, G-III suede skirt, Moschino belt, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, D&GM sunglasses, and Apostrophe ankle strap pumps (all own)

In the Interior June is the windiest month

In Interior Alaska, the month with the highest average wind speed is June with just a little more than 3m/s. We sometimes get strong wind when a low in the Gulf of Alaska is in the right position to produce the Tanana Valley wind due to channeling of the wind. Other strong wind events are related to storms entering the Interior from the Bering Sea. These storms also bring a lot of snow and often outages because of  trees that fell in the power lines. Last winter some households were without electricity for nearly a week after a Bering Sea storm. In summer, strong wind typically can be associated with gust fronts of thunderstorms.

#over40fashion woman in spring outfit with plaid blazer
Burberry plaid blazer, Oliveo denim skirt, LV bucket bag, Hunter booties, silk scarf and D&GM sunglasses (all own) for an office appropriate spring outfit

How is spring progressing where you live? Are you still styling winter items for spring? What is your favorite spring trend or item you are looking forward to wearing? Let me know, send me an email. I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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