Why 50% off may fail to be a good deal

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Winter and summer sales

When I was a graduate student I wanted to shop for a new pair of pants. A girl friend joined me to go shopping. In a department store, a great looking, high quality pair of pants from a famous brand was 50% off because it was the end of winter sale. At that time, they only had big sales twice a year in Germany: End of winter and end of summer sale.

#streetstyleover50 mature fashion blogger wearing items that were a good deal on sale
London Jean camouflage slim cargo pants, VS leather motorcycle vest, long sleeve T-shirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Steve Madden lace-up sandals, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and LeatherCoatsEtc leather baseball hat (all own) for a comfy weekend or street style outfit
#fashionover40 style blogger in cargo pants and 50% off leather motorcycle vest
Casual weekend look with long sleeve T-shirt, VS motorcycle leather vest from sale, London Jean cargo pants, Steve Madden lace-up sandals, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and LeatherCoatsEtc baseball hat (all own)

I was lucky, they had the pants in my size and I went to the fitting room and tried them on. The fit was perfect like they were custom made for me. Nevertheless, I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I went out and addressed my girl friend “What do you think?” She said “They are awesome. You should get them and they are half the price!”

Know when a sale is not a bargain

Recognize when a sale is not a bargain. #budgetfashion Click To Tweet
I went back in, redressed and hang them back on the rack. In Germany, you had to do that yourself. My girl friend looked puzzled at me and said “they are still expensive even so they are 50% off.” “Yes” I said “they are way too expensive.” We went on browsing clothes and looking for pants and we went to the underground station without having bought anything. Her line 12 tram arrived, she went on the tram. I boarded my tram in the other direction shortly after that.

A bargain is wasted money when they fail to do the best for your shape

The next morning at the office, my girl friend came in, smiling all over her face and happy. She had this victory look on her face and was wearing these pants I had rejected for a reason! In the store, I had thought that the side pockets on the upper tights made me – I am straight up and down or boyish – look like a diamond! She was naturally pear shaped, about half a foot shorter than I am and probably needed a size larger than I did. These pants made her look like the plus of google! If only, I had explained her at the store, why I had rejected that pair of pants! Even though they were 50% off, they were not a good deal for anybody. I had to hold on me to not say

A bargain is not a bargain when the clothes emphasize your worst features. Click To Tweet

Please dont make the same mistake. Tell your girl friends:

A sale is never a good deal if the item is not right - no matter how much it is off. #dressyourbest Click To Tweet

Have you ever regretted to not have explained your action?

Cargo pants pockets how they should be

Now here some photos of today’s look for you. They are self explaining and unrelated to the above story. Or may be not? They show how a pair of cargo pants should look like in my opinion. 🙂

#fashionover50 woman in cargo pants and T-shirt with leather vest from sales
London Jean camouflage cargo pants, T-shirt (Keep calm and let the meteorologist handle it), VS leather motorcycle vest, Steve Madden lace-up sandals, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, vintage Camel bag, and LeatherCoatsEtc leather baseball hat (all own)

I styled these cargo pants previously with a pink top and a tartan jacket.

How do you style your cargo or camouflage pants?

P.S. It turned out that my girl friend’s “bargain” became a closet monster. She only wore it once. The first and the last time.

You wear a closet monster only once: The first and the last time. #budgetfashion #sales Click To Tweet

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Photos: G. Kramm

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