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Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes Medor watch with green wrist band, GNW tight, HH-booties, and chartreuse Landsend cashmere sweater (all own)
  1. Toss Old Fashioned Rules …
  2. … Try Something New
  3. White Pants with Winterwhite Sweater

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Toss Old Fashioned Rules …

As you know I am not a big fan of fashion rules like “no white after Labor day” or “no white before Memorial day” or the rule winter white is for winter and white like snow white is for summer. What about wearing them together I thought? Summer color plus winter color equals spring color sort of thing. Well, I tried it out and thought that it looks really nice despite that the idea sounds odd, very odd. It definitively is outside the box, and does not look weird at all.

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Spring look with leather shorts with white on winter white blazer and sweater
Oliveo leather shorts with Brooks Brothers mock turtleneck cashmere sweater, Ann Taylor  white blazer, Harley Davidson booties, H-buckle belt, accessorized with multiple strings of pearls and Ray Ban aviator sunglasses (all own)

… Try Something New

What I did: I paired my mock turtleneck winter white cashmere cardigan with my white blazer and a pair of black leather shorts. To stay in the middle between summer and spring I wore sheer black tights and booties. As it is still below freezing in the mornings I took my winter coat.

fashion blogger in outerwear
Shearling coat styled with LeatherCoatsEtc winter white beret, LeatherCoatEtc taupe leather gloves, Pavalov Russian scarf, YSL bag, Hanes pantyhose, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and Harley Davidson booties (all own)

Stylist tip: Think of these tow different shades of white like styling a monochromatic look.

White Pants with Winterwhite Sweater

At the end of winter, one has to repeat items, but not recycle outfits. This early spring outfit features my winter white cashmere sweater, white leather pants, a floral silk scarf, white pumps and denim shirt

Casual spring office look with white pants and sweater for mature women
Outfit details: White Newport News leather pants, Great Northwest denim shirt, GNW sweater, Christian Louboutin pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, floral print Anne Klein silk scarf, DIY pendant necklace, and Celine bag (all own)

Style your outerwear to stay out of a style rut

The below freezing temperatures in the morning and evening still demand for the A-line faux fur coat. This time I picked a black scarf for a change, but kept the red bag from yesterday. Since it is close to impossible to walk with the pumps on snow and ice, and they were too expensive to wear them in the snow mud that exists around lunch time, I wore my black booties for the commute, and the pumps at work. The beret again is just for style.

Black and white spring outfit for an Alaskan woman
Black and white outerwear styled with a pop of color. LeatherCoatsEtc beret, Celine bag, Newport News leather pants, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and faux fur A-line coat (all own)


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Do you wear white in spring? How do you style it? Do you switch shoes at work to not have to sweat in your boots? How many shoes do you have at the office at the end of winter?

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