White not for the bride

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White leather skirt with white top and cardigan, pearls, Ray Ban sunglasses, LV saddle bag, and Gloria Vanderbilt red pumps (all own)

The first time, I came to the US was to do research at SUNY Albany New York when I was a graduate student. I became good friends with one of the administrative assistants and one sunny day in summer, she invited me to watch a baseball game with her. At the game, I was overwhelmed with how many women in the stands were wearing white dresses. Wearing white seemed to me to be very American as in Europe all-white seems to be reserved for the brides. In Europe,  white wearing white seems to be considered too much work to keep the white crisp and white, and to stay clean, wrinkle free and unstained. Thus, a white blouse or bottom down shirt is as far as a European woman will go unless she is the bride.

It took me about 13 years living in the US and more than six years of being an American to try my first all-white outfit. Well, all-white, but the pumps. White pumps would look to much like a bride or in Europe, like a health professional.

What is the trick to make white on white work? It is the mix of structure and material. The embroidered tucked in tunic gives structure that is quite different from the leather skirt and fine knitted cardigan. The outfit is also an example of how to incorporate an ethnic piece in a western outfit. The red pumps and multi-color printed white Louis Vuitton bag with studs add interest.

#over40 all white work look | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Different angle of above outfit

Photos: G. Kramm

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