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What’s my 21?

#floralBlazer #JBrandJeans
#floralBlazer #JBrandJeans
Black silk top, floral blazer and J Brand skinnies
#JBrandJeans #floralBlazer #streetstyle
J Brand skinny jeans, floral blazer and silk knit top

Recently I read an ad that listed Tina Fey’s 20. Well, here are my 21 related to staying in style when the weather is cold/chilly or everything but hot.

  1. A navy blue WWII cotton twill jacket for my husband so he can sit on the deck for diner at 50F (10C)
  2. Cat grooming. Our cat is the world master of shedding and spend tons of efforts to give all my stylish black outfits the Alaska typical vibe – hairy. Who wants to see photos of someone who looks like a dressed up monkey.
  3. Antioxidant stronger for longer beans and berry salmon salad at Pike’s Landing – it is so healthy and keeps my skin in shape. Why can’t chocolate do that?
  4. High heeled shoes
  5. A dance cruise thru the North-East passage. It’s cold there also in summer. What better reason can you have to stay dressed up inside dancing during your vacation
  6. Gloves for gardening that do not let water, silt or wild roses’ thorns thru. I don’t like to give me a mani every time I was in the yard.
  7. A Wrangler from Chrysler – one of the two categories of macho I like. The second category are  Argentine tango dancers while dancing. That’s my way of how to go with the menswear trend.
  8. High heeled shoes
  9. Online shopping during the midnight sun 5K run – it just does not help running away from the mosquitoes you know
  10. A litter box with door – this cat is so efficient in moving dirt she should apply for a job at the gold mine. I wonder whether I then would get 10% off when buying jewellery
  11. A vacation in Hawaii for the three of us during breakup season – when I have to wear rubber shoes flip flops in the warm Pacific are more comfy than rubber boots in water at the freezing point  – it is just not fun to have to navigate thru Fairbanks when everything stands under water because the meltwater has nowhere to go but pile up and flood everything as the drainage pipes, sloughs and rivers are still frozen
  12. A remote control to switch on/out the light in my closet
  13. An automatic gutter cleaner – I always forget to call the gutter guy before the first big summer thunderstrom hits and produces a flash flood in the gutter that in return drips onto my new coat when I open the door
  14. High heeled shoes
  15. A gift card for a tailor. Fit is everything
  16. A Ford Explorer for my husband in red – it would look so flattering on and around him – well may be I should add a hitch with a fuel station on top so we never run out of gasoline when driving up the Dalton for a nice dirt makeup on that truck
  17. A swimming pool and a pet stingray – it would be a different pet in a state that has more dogs than humans and in addition provides a reason not to buy a swimming suit or bikini
  18. Business cards for my blog
  19. A reader that is able to read my handwriting – when I was in college one grader once said that the first letter of a written  word of mine still is in contact with the last letter of that said word. Please understand such handwriting is a real problem in a language that substitutes sentences by inventing new words like Donaudampfschifffahrtsaktiengesellschaftsteilhaberjahreshauptversammlungsprotokolschreiberin. Count the number of letters yourself – I gave it up long time ago  😉 It also explains why all funny quote T-shirts are in English
  20. Why are these nice comfy Christian Louboutains so expensive?
  21. A fashion and style planet – great fashion and style are hard to find

I hope you had a great laugh ;). Have a nice Tuesday.

#floralBlazer #JBrand #streetstyle
Floral blazer with skinnies (J Brand), statement necklace and silk knit top
#floralBlazer #JBrandSkinnies #PliageBag #streetstyle
Pliage in sunflower yellow for extra pop of color

Which of today’s pieces will I keep for tomorrow’s Keep One 4 the Next OOTD? Make your guess.
Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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