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#fashionover50 mature woman with sequin skirt and shearling jacket

January’s most liked posts

Unbelievable! The first month of 2018 is already over. Do you also think that time is going faster ever since we graduated? Is this because we have accumulated more time that we can look back on? My former adviser called it the logarithmic time feeling of the “Old.” LOL. Anyhow, a new month means looking back on what you loved the most. The two most liked posts were both from the Focus Alaska series, i.e the Alaska Life category: The closure of Alaska’s Sam’s Club and what the Fairbanks Sam’s Club closure means for the inhabitants of the Interior and the outages we had recently due to the heavy – read wet – snow. Note that in the Interior the normal snow condition is powder snow.

#fashionover40 blogger wearing an outfit in brown and pink
Brown and winter white Marc Aurel shearling motorcycle jacket, pink GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, pink suede long statement belt, pink H&M sequin skirt, brown Antonio Tonelli booties, winter white LeatherCoatsEtc beret, brown Yes Saint Laurent bag (all own), pink and white pearl leather necklace c/o Wendy Mignot, and pink tight c/o No nonsense

January’s most read new posts

Trends and how to wear them right, and which trends are worth the investment are of great interest. Blazers, coats, pants, and skirts in high quality wool glen check are worth the money as they are real classics.

#accessories details of trendy belt and sequin skirt
Zoom-in on details of the sequin skirt with sweater look

The most often read post in January

The dryness of winter and the electrostatics are a real problem for every fashionista. Well, who likes skirts or dresses clinched to the legs. Even worse, these little sparks with their ugly noise when you pull off your coat or clothes. Why do clothes spark was the post that got the most reads.

#advancedfashion style blogger in most current trends of motorcycle jacket with sequin skirt
Marc Aurel shearling motorcycle jacket, GNW Luxe sweater, gemstone long trendy belt, H&M sequin skirt, Antonio Tonelli booties, LeatherCoatsEtc beret, YSL bag (all own), leather pearl necklace c/o Wendy Mignot, and tight c/o No nonsense

What have you enjoyed reading? What would you like more reading about? Let me know so I can write more posts that you love reading.

#styleover50 woman in date night after work winter outfit
Side view of date night outfit with Marc Aurel jacket, GNW Luxe sweater, H&M skirt, Antonio Tonelli booties, LeatherCoatsEtc beret, YSL structured leather bag (all own), necklace c/o Wendy Mignot

What’s up with the linkup

I had some major problems with my internet connection, and there where multiple outages in January. The heavy snow we had this winter, broke many trees. Some of them fell into power-lines leading to outages. That means no power for the computer and rooter. As if that weren’t annoying enough when you want to write a post, my laptop decided to have an issue.  Since I never knew whether or when I would have access to the World wide web, I put the Top of the World Style linkup party on hold in mid January. I will let you know when it will resume.

The first movie in a post

This month I launched the first movie on High Latitude Style. Have you already watched it?


Here are some outfits of this month.

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Now to what I wore on date night

Fortunately, it was a bit warmer so I could get away with a shearling jacket. I don’t know about you, but my shoulders hurt when I have to wear a heavy long winter coat for quite a while. I like the fashion forward color combination of brown and pink.

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It looks modern and is so much more flattering on mature skin than the pink plus black combination of the 80s. I loved and wore the black plus pink  combination back then and it was perfect for me at that time. But not for our moms’ generation.

#midlifestyle mature woman sitting at the bar of a restaurant in pink and brown look
GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, gemstone statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, H&M skirt, Antonio Tonelli booties (all own), leather pearl necklace c/o Wendy Mignot, and tight c/o No nonsense

For my outfit, I went for an eclectic urban look with the combination of sequins and shearling. My husband picked me up after work. Thus, I had my work bag with me. After work, I had made some quick tweaks to my look, i.e. changed the skirts. I had brought the sequin skirt in my tote.  Of course, heels were a must. There are 101 reasons to wear heels over 40, right?  😉

What do you wear on date night when temperatures are in the 20s (-1.7 to -6.7oC)?

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