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Review of Weatherman umbrella with app

This post is my review of a Weatherman umbrella with app. Read what a meteorologist thinks about this umbrella designed by another meteorologist.

  1. August Is the Rain Season in Interior Alaska
  2. A Meteorologist Designed the Weatherman Umbrella with App
  3. What’s Included in the Purchase of the Weatherman Umbrella?
  4. An Umbrella Large Enough for Two and Nasty Fall Precip
  5. Fast to Open and Wind Safety Features
  6. Price Performance Ratio and Shipping
  7. Who Would Love this Product?
  8. Weatherman Umbrella with App in a Nutshell


Disclosure: AD. The umbrella with app is a sample from Weatherman. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

August Is the Rain Season in Interior Alaska

There are many jokes about weather in Alaska like Alaska has four seasons “June, July, August and winter” or “Alaska has two seasons winter and construction.” These two well describe the western Interior, but not all of Alaska as area as large as the Lower 48s from coast to coast or Europe from the Ural to Portugal in west-east direction. Comes August, comes the Tanana Valley Fair, comes the “Alaska Monsoon” (not actually a monsoon like for instance in India). We even speak of “Fair Weather.”

A Meteorologist Designed the Weatherman Umbrella with App

You know that I am a meteorologist by training, i.e. a weather woman. Being also a hard core fashionista, given the rain-season, and the name of the brand namely “Weatherman“, no wonder I wanted to review their super stylish umbrella with the pattern of isobars (contour lines of same pressure).

The hardest part for me? Deciding whether to pick the color; Orange – read pop of color – or Olive – read unexpected neutral. Anyhow, no matter which of these two colors you pick, you can’t go wrong! Both are a great style statement! If turning fashion into style were always that easy! You also can choose from Pink (Limited Edition, so order fast), Navy Blue, Yellow (this fall’s It color), Lagoon and Black (the eternal classic).

weatherwoman with Weatherman umbrella with app in the fall rain
Olive umbrella c/o Weatherman, T-shirt c/o Onno, suede gemstone buckle belt, DIY skirt, statement necklace, Hinge quilted leather jacket, and Hunter boots


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I have to admit no details were overlooked. Industrial-strength fiberglass defends against breaking and inverting, water-repellent teflon-coated fabric, and vented canopies! What do you want more?

Well, an intelligent parapluie! Here comes the surprise: The Weatherman app for Android and iOS syncs with Bluetooth technology. You get notifications on the weather conditions, so you’ll never leave your umbrella behind. That’s what I call a great application of numerical weather prediction. <3


What’s Included in the Purchase of the Weatherman Umbrella?

In the package, you will find the umbrella with matching cover sleeve, a Pebblebee® tracker with battery, and setup instructions. What you won’t find there is a sheet with the price. Perfect for sending the packages directly to the addressee of the gift in the holiday season! See my gift guide for more cool gift ideas.

Is it hard to setup the app? Nope.


#Weatherman app set up direction and device
Box and additional content: Direction to set up the app and the bluetooth device that is carried in a water-proof pocket inside the canopy (see next photo for a glimpse on the pocket)


An Umbrella Large Enough for Two and Nasty Fall Precip

What I love about this parapluie is that it is huge enough to comb out those nasty fall droplets. You know those that are barely falling, but make you wet after walking a couple of blocks. Holding it at the right angle (not straight above you) keeps you dry. You just have to find the right angle for your walking speed and height. It needs some experimenting, but it’s worth it.


lady with olive collapsible Weatherman umbrella
Olive umbrella c/o Weatherman, T-shirt c/o Onno, green wood watch c/o Jord, pink suede gemstone buckle belt, DIY skirt, statement necklace, Hinge quilted leather jacket, rose quartz necklace worn as bracelet, Hermes H-enamel bangle, Hermes collier de chien bangle. See the pocket for the device that is on the inside of the canopy on the left side of the photo


I also love that the umbrella is large enough (42 inches; 106.68 cm) to protect two people in normal rain. You know these situations when you leave work and head out at the same time as your colleague. You have a parapluie, the colleague has none (S/he hasn’t heard about the app yet!). Thus, for courtesy, you offer to share the walk under yours, but in the end, both of you are wet. 😉 Now this scenario can become history for you. <3


weatherwoman twirling an umbrella
Me twirling the umbrella c/o Weatherman to show the size


Fast to Open and Wind Safety Features

I also love the vents. Who wants to end up be “blown away by the wind like Mary PopKins” or an inverted canopy? Or like in those comics just standing there with the frame?


collapsible Weatherman umbrella in a weather map print sleeve
Zoom in on collapsible, folded and in cover. The sleeve show a weather map inspired print.


The nice sleeve can be pulled off quickly. The device opens automatically, and requires manual closure. Thus, you are not at risk that it closes around your head. 😉 Been there with a cheap gas station one. Not fun! You don’t need that experience.


automatic unfolding parapluie with vents and cover sleeve with Weatherman logo
Details of the handle, vent and logo


The handle has a comfortable size even for a small hand like mine (I wear a women glove size 7) and is not formed like a hook (see photos). I find this very practical. I’m the kind of person who always has rain gear in the car on the back seat. When an umbrella has a crutch-style it seems that always Murphy’s Law applies. If it can get tangled up in the seat-belt closures, it will. 😉


Price Performance Ratio and Shipping

Unless you live in the desert where precipitation only occurs once in a blue moon, everyone needs a sturdy, but stylish umbrella in the rain-season or even year round. Thus, the cost-per-wear will go below $1 dollar within one wet season or a year – whatever comes first. Thumbs up!


#midlifefashion woman in rain gear in fall outfit #Weatherman
Olive umbrella c/o Weatherman, own DIY skirt, Hinge quilted leather jacket, Chanel chain shoulder bag, and Hunter boots


The price of the Weatherman Collapsible is very affordable. It’s in the typical ballpark of that of other high quality brands despite it has this cool additional app! Weatherman offers free shipping when you buy two or more umbrellas. It’s timely, as you can save when ordering your when you buy a couple more for those hard to shop for friends and relatives. The holiday season is just around the corner! 😉


Who Would Love this Product?

Tech geeks, of course. When my hubby found out about the app, guess what? I already recommend this product to my girl friend who loves every gadget on the planet. Given the app, it probably will become an It item among teenagers!

This Weatherman collapsible umbrella is an ingenious spin on the commuter umbrella. A must-have for the professional women who wants to show up at work with her hair dry.


weatherwoman holding the Weatherman umbrella to show the hidden pocket for the app
See the vents and well-made inside pocket for the app that is to the right side of my head at the bottom of the fabric near the frame


Weatherman Umbrella with App in a Nutshell

This Weatherman umbrella with app is high quality at an affordable price with state-of-the-art material plus an unique app making it a perfect weather protection for busy people who care about their look. Browse their collection now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: N. Mölders

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