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A good sign: Wearing it over and over again

#eShakti skirt # L.K. Bennett wedges #streetstyle
#eShakti #over40fashion #streetstyle
Departmental T-shirt withcustom made skirt c/o eShakti and L.K. Bennett patent leather wedges (own)
#over40fashion #wedges #streetstyle
L.K. Bennett wedges, Paloma Picasso sunglasses (vintage from the early 90s; own), and c/o striped skirt c/o eShakti

It is always a good sign when you got something new and you cannot wait to wear it. It is even a better sign when you are still wearing your new item over and over again. It tells you that it was not just the excitement of the new, a flirt so to say, but something serious. Not a one day fly.

Here I am wearing again the skirt I got from eShakti (see review here, other outfit here). I styled it “streetstyle” with a college Tshirt that shows a mirage (for an explanation of a mirage read this) with the sky having the color of one of the skirts stripe.  Since college Ts are sort of tricky on 40+, I went classy with the L.K. Bennet patent leather wedges.

For mosquito protection of my arms (obviously my arms taste better than my legs) I added a leather bomber that not only keeps the mosquitoes from having dinner, but also gives the outfit the streetstyle twist.

The eShakti promo ends soon. The promo code is latitudes.

#eShakti #over40fashion #streetstyle
Leather bomber with college T, wedges and skirt c/o eShakti

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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