Fairbanks is a small town

There is this saying in Fairbanks: “When you get bored, go to the groceries store or the airport when a plane arrives.” As a matter of fact, it is rare not to run into someone you know at the grocery store and you typically know three to five people on a plane to Fairbanks. This is probably because Fairbanks is a destination and not a place where you just land to catch another plane. You never get to Fairbanks by bloody accident.

over 40 fashion blogger in casual travel look with linen pants and sunglasses waiting at the airport
Oliveo linen button-down shirt with Oliveo linen pants, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Anne Klein snake print slingbacks, statement belt, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and LV bucket bag (all own)

What I wore to the airport

Well, I was not bored when I was at the airport. Actually, someone had to be picked up. Thus, I took the opportunity to have my outfit photo taken in the middle of this cool art work. It stands in front of the airport. In this casual travel outfit, I am wearing linen pants, a linen shirt, my bucket bag and beige slingbacks.

What do you wear to the airport when you have to pick someone up? What do you do when you get bored?

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Photo: G. Kramm

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