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Utility jacket 4 work

#over40 Work outfit for women over 40 | High Latitude Style |
Utility jacket with pencil skirt, belt, pearls, D&GM sunglasses, multiple strings of pearls, Madonna Truth or Dare floral pumps and Modalo Pippa bag for work (all own)

Typically an utility jacket is associated with working parties, military and uniforms. They are jackets made explicitly for work. Interestingly in corporate and conservative work environments they are not used except may be by the custodians and  the machine shop workers if there are some.

I like the style of slightly tailored utility jackets. When worn with a pencil skirt, pumps, a string of pearls or more and a knitted silk-cashmere top and a structured bag they look quite professional and convey I mean business and I am willing to work hard. I am wearing a Pippa bag, Truth or Dare by Madonna floral pumps and Madonna D&G  sun glasses.

#over40 Work outfit for women over 40 | High Latitude Style |
Other view on above work outfit

I am a geophysicist and meteorologist by training. No I don’t watch volcanoes, or forecast tsunamis or weather. I sit in front of the computer and perform simulations with an air-quality model to figure out how emissions affect air quality, weather and climate.

My office has a window to the South. This means it can get very warm in there depending on the weather conditions. On the other hand, it can be quite chilly due to the air conditioning. Thus, in summer, I like to wear outfits where I can take a layer off or add it back on depending on the temperature in my office. This utility jacket fits the bill very appropriately.

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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