I dislike the unwanted ugly look from shoulder straps
College Tee "Never underestimate and old woman who graduated from University of Cologne", Shein duster, Shein satin jogging pants, horse bite slides (all own), and sunnies c/o Winkwood

What I love about this jogger with long blazer outfit

I love the combination of marsala with olive plus black and white. Actually, they are all neutrals. But when combined they make a pretty colorful look without being over the top. I wore this casual comfy outfit on the weekend for grocery shopping.

fashion over 40 woman in joggers and coat
Shein satin joggers, Shein coat, college Tee (all own), and sunglasses c/o Winkwood

I like the contrast between the mate long blazer – didn’t we call this style duster a decade ago – and the shiny satin of the joggers. What I like about these joggers is that they look great with both flats and heels. I have to wear heels with my black mate jogging pants. The wide rubber band at the ankles makes all the difference.Just another evidence of the fine line between what works and what doesn’t.

mature style blogger in casual look with long blazer and joggers
Shein long blazer, Shein joggers, Esprit shoulder bag, horse bite mules (all own), and wood frame sunglasses c/o Winkwood

Shoulder straps are style killers, but needed sometimes

I am not a big fan of shoulder bags. They tend to slip down. Moreover, they often make the blazer, dress, coat, you name it, look funny at the shoulder part. However, I see the necessity to have at least one shoulder bag for situations when they are needed like doing the groceries, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, or as a cross-body bag at an outdoor concert, etc.

horse bite slides
Zoom-in on the horse bite pink leather slides

Additional side effects of a dress back pack

Sure, dress back packs also permit you to have both hands free. I once bought one, but I would put that nice leather back pack into my needed, but not wanted category for a variety of reasons. The humpback of Notre Dame isn’t so me. It makes a blazer, coat, jacket, etc. look funny on both shoulders, i.e. doubles the style break. 😉 Every time I wanted to turn I was worried to hit someone with that “extension in the back.” In addition, I always was worried about its security when being in a big crowd. And I was right about it! Even though the safety issue wasn’t the one that I was initially concerned about.

How the back pack broke the camel’s back

One day, I attended the University of Alaska Women Association’s fall tea. I put my back pack bag into a corner where all women had put their purses. Later, prior to leaving, I wanted to pay my annual membership fees. I picked up the first back pack I saw. Upon lifting it, I thought “why is it so light? That can’t be right!” Then I looked at the bunch of bags again and saw another one exactly like mine. Thus, I lifted that one. The weight seemed right. So I opened it and guess what? The second one was mine! Can you imagine what funny faces the other woman and I would have made when I hadn’t realized the unintended swap? Like many women I had my car keys in my coat!

mature style woman in mate and shiny casual outfit
College Tee “Never underestimate and old woman who graduated from University of Cologne”, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Shein duster, Shein satin jogging pants, horse bite slides (all own), and sunnies c/o Winkwood

Of course, this thing can happen to you with any bag,even a high end one. But this event was the final reason to let that dressy back pack go for good. I swapped it with my colleague for a bag that was a gift from her great aunt and a white elephant for her, but so me. And she is a back pack sort of gal. Thus, it was a win-win for us.

My notes to myself

My lessons learned from this incident? I now keep my bag with my coat and shoes at such events. Furthermore I stopped buying a bag at a department store in town. In know that in Alaska, if there is something nice, every Alaskan woman buys it in all colors, if possible.

Have you had a situation of a nearly swap? Do you have a necessity related relationship with one of the items in your closet, i.e. you know you need it for functionality, but you don’t like the side effects of it? What is that item? I love to hear from you.

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