Trying out new software for my fashion blog

A new laptop for my fashion blog

This weekend, I bought a new laptop. This means new software to learn regarding the standard things. It also means trying out new software that came with the laptop and deciding what to uninstall. Is that a word at all? It came with a couple of photo editing software. I am still not sure whether I will use one of them or buy the newest version of the one I used before. Today I tried out Photo Director. I like some of the options, which are straight forward, like for instance, to create a water sign, add copyright info, or exporting the web optimized photo on a new name, but holding the original. Other options that I like to use are not that obvious, e.g. cropping, or extracting details. Well here are today’s results and the OOTD that you came here to begin with.

midlife woman in winter work look with boot toppers

midlife women in street style winter outerwear
Andrew Marcs motorcycle jacket with two cashmere sweaters, plaid skirt, GNW tights, booties, Yes Saint Laurent bag, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

It was a beautiful “spring” day in the Interior. Actually, too nice to fiddle/play around with a new laptop. But I love doing that. Here, I am even wearing my shearling motorcycle jacket open and it was not feeling cold when we took the indoor outfit above. The silk cashmere sweater knotted around my waist serves to give me some shape and at the same time is the “reserve insulation” in case it gets cold in the evening. It picks up the color of the plaid skirt, as does the black cashmere sweater, the hat, and the jacket. To up the cozy winter look I am also wearing my boot toppers. You have seen the plaid skirt styled with a leather shell and shearling motorcycle jacket styled with a cable knit sweater in the posts at the links.

Woman looking posh is winter look
Winter outerwear with Andrew Marcs motorcycle shearling jacket, plaid skirt, pom pom hat, Ray Ban sunglasses,  booties (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

Filters can do more than removing wrinkles

Normally, I don’t use filters on my photos for the blog. However, today I played a little around with the various filters. Even though I am aware of the math and physics behind filters and have coded filters myself at work, I am always very fascinated to see what they can do. Look at the photo above. It makes me look like I am flying, sort like I have no contact to the ground. This filter also enhances the bow detail of this dance dress.

March is the nicest month in the Interior weather wise. Lots of sunshine, blue skies and large visibility. However, this means no or hardly new snow and everything gets dirty. I do not like the dirty gray, brown or black snow. I tried to remove it with a filter. Not very successful. 😉

#over40fashion High Latitude Style in a wearing a social dance outfit
Blue vintage inspired fit-and-flare dress with red tights and cardigan, paired with brown booties and Longchamp pliage bag (all own)

In the photo below, I used a different filter, a filter that was designed for enhancing people’s features. Look how visible my very eye shadow becomes with this filter despite it is only barely there when you stand in front of me. I rather put eye shadow on twice a day than having it too obvious. Now compare with my eyes in the photo above. Also look at how the two different filters enhance my nude colored lips differently. Light bluish blush rose pink vs. a warmer rose pink.  Both filters totally blend out the structure of my tights. I totally think it is worth testing out different filters to emphasize/lead the eyes to what you want to show. Do you play with filters?

Other social dance outfits (unfiltered

Here I am wearing a vintage style dance dress and cayenne cardigan. For other dance outfits see my three clones of the same dress, my high-low hem lace dress with lace top underneath, my golden shorts for Latin Dance Night, and my Saturday nite fever inspired outfit.

#fashionover40 Social dance outfit for mature women
Side view of fit-and-flare dress with bow detail, GNW tight, Moda International cardigan, Clark booties and Longchamp bag (all own). Here I used a different filter.

I hope you had a nice weekend.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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