Tip to style leather pants for the office

fashion blogger looking professional ins business casual plaid blazer, cashmere sweater necklace work with leather trousers

How to wear leather pants to work

This OOTD illustrates how to wear leather pants to work. Chose a neutral color for your leather pants so it stays in basics territory just having a statement material. Then just pair them with classic work appropriate pieces like this classic Burberry plaid blazer and a chic pink cashmere sweater. Also make sure that your boots or shoes stay office appropriate and out of the street style or Rock’n Roll territory.

Instead of a blazer, another possibility to wear leather pants at the office in a classic way is to pair them with a classic twinset or variations of a twinset work.  This navy and pink work outfit is an example of white leather trousers paired with a faux twinset. In summer, in a casual work environment your may even wear leather capris when you style them in a way like Jackie Kennedy wore her fabric capris.

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fashion blogger dooning a work outfit with leather pants
Landsend cashmere sweater with Burberry menswear inspired plaid blazer, Clarks booties, statement necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangles, and chocolate INC leather pants (all own)

You may incorporate even more leather pieces by styling a tanned skin or leather shell for work. Recently, it is a big trend to wear leather-on-leather. The most important thing when wearing leather at work is to

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Will you jump this bandwagon?

Meeting clients means your outerwear is also work clothes

To stay warm on the commute to work I added my red pea coat. Red and chocolate together are much more unexpected than the classic red and black color combination. The red-chocolate brown pairing adds a modern and interesting twist. Nevertheless, the color combination is chic and posh. Especially, when your job involves meeting clients outside of your office pay attention to your outerwear. In this case, your outerwear is not just for insulation and style, but must also be a work appropriate business look. When your job involves meeting customers/clients outside the office, you will need to build a capsule coat wardrobe.

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midlife style blogger in posh chic pea coat with leather pants
LeatherCoatsEtc. pea coat style red wool coat with Gucci silk scarf, chocolate INC leather pants, Clark booties and YSL bag (all own)

Does your office dress code allow wearing leather? If so, do you wear leather at the office?

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