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Fashion bloggers’ thrifting tips that can save you money and time. Read the secrets do to stay on budget and avoid impulse buys.


  1. Thrifting Can Provide Great Clothes for a Margin of the Costs
  2. Fashion Bloggers’ Thrifting Tips for Successful Second Hand Shopping
    • Rachel J, Suburban Style Challenge
    • Darlene Fadem, Who’s a Pretty Girl
    • Carelia Moran, My Small Wardrobe
    • Jen B, Librarian for Life and Style
    • Marilyn L., Rewind Reduce and Recycle
  3. Thrifting Tips in a Nutshell


Thrifting Can Provide Great Clothes for a Margin of the Costs

I love to update my wardrobe with second hand, high quality classic basics, and search for high scores on eBay. Thrifting can help you to curate a great wardrobe on a low budget. I asked five bloggers the following question:


What is you most important advice for finding great thrift scores?



over 50 years old blogger in work outfit with second hand items
Back view of thrifted sweater and booties


style blogger wearing thrifted items in her outfit
Thrifted Landsend sweater and Harley Davidson booties. GNW tights, DIY bangle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, braided scarf, and pearls c/o The Pearl Source Inc.



Fashion Bloggers’ Thrifting Tips for Successful Second Hand Shopping

Here are their thrifting tips:

Rachel J, Suburban Style Challenge:

My number one piece of advice for finding great pieces while thrifting pieces is actually two-fold. One, have the time and patience to dig. Two, have your phone with you so you can Google brands you’re unfamiliar with, ways to check if something is fake or not, or whether-or-not you’ve got a good deal in your hands. Those two things will definitely help in finding top-notch stuff!


Lydia Abat, Chic on the Cheap:

I suppose my best advice would be to visit often; you can’t expect to find a gem every time and the inventory changes quickly, so the more times you stop in, the more likely you are to happen upon something fabulous.


Darlene Fadem, Who’s a Pretty Girl:

My most important advice for finding great thrift scores is…know your labels!
I actually wrote a guide called Label Hunting 101.


Carelia Moran, My Small Wardrobe:

I have one simple tip or advice when thrift shopping: GO WITH CASH. Leave your credit card at home. When you carry only cash, you will be more picky or selective with your purchases. The only way that thrifting works for me is when I stick on a budget and that’s how thrifting become a money-saver.

When I thrift online, I only buy name brand items that I’ve had in my wish-list. Online thrifting is my favorite! I’ve found tons of great quality designer pieces for a fraction of the price. To mention a couple, I found my red velvet Dolce & Gabbana wedges and terrific Maria Cornejo summery jump suit, both came with prices that didn’t break my bank account.


Jen B, Librarian for Life and Style:

My most important advance is to try everything on to see how an item looks on you. It’s so basic yet it’s a step we often disregard. Items at thrift or resale stores could be from a range of eras, stores, or even other countries, each with their own system of sizing. Even sizing systems in the United States have shifted over time! There may not even be a tag or size on the garment, particularly if it’s a handmade or tailored item of clothing. That is also why I prefer to shop at resale shops, as they tend to have better dressing rooms (or dressing rooms, period), and staff have put more effort into placing garments into broad sizing categories (as opposed to thrift stores that might have items in bins). Therefore, it is really important to disregard sizes and try on every item that you think might be a good fit for you.


Marilyn L., Rewind Reduce and Recycle:

At thrift shops I would say the main thing is to go in with an open mind. Don’t be too fixed on what you want to find. It is more about building your wardrobe slowly. With thrifting often the best results come from buying a few items or even one at a time. Aim for buying the best quality you can since you are paying less. Over time you will look like you have an expensive wardrobe even though you might have bought it on a shoe string budget. It is a good idea to be prepared to not be able to try things on if the shopping is at garage sales. Wearing leggings or a tank top might be helpful so that you can try things on over what you have on. At garage sales or flea markets talk to the person selling. Ask them about what you are interested in just in case they have it. Often they have other good deals not taken out of boxes yet. The main thing is make it fun and to enjoy thrifting!

I would recommend looking in thrift shops in upscale neighborhoods. Those areas generally have better thrift shop selections.


Thrifting Tips in a Nutshell

Always remember that one woman’s trash can be another woman’s treasure.


Stylist’s thrifting tips: You can save time when the merchandise is ordered by sizes and colors. Just browse your colors and size plus a size up and down.



over 50 years old blogger providing thrifting tips in an outfit with thrifted items
Ann Taylor sweater (consigned, dyed), smoky quartz buckle (estate find), Jacket Society motorcycle jacket, London Jean leather pants, Steve Madden Mary-Janes, Festina watch,  Pillow Sole polka dot socks, DIY statement necklace, and layering top c/o Adea


  1. Know your labels. Start with this list of designer brands to look for at thrift shops as a cheat sheet.
  2. Have a (wish)list, and stick to it (brand-wise).
  3. Buy only high quality.
  4. Dress for clothes shopping so trying on pieces is easy.
  5. Thrift in upscale neighborhoods for high-end fashion labels.
  6. Bring CASH.
  7. Don’t rely on size tags, try everything for fit.


Photos: G. Kramm

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