You Can Integrate Thrift finds into Modern Outfits
Outfit of Express shirt dress with Madonna True or Dare floral pumps, and black pearl necklace (all own) in front of the garage door that serves as a reflector of sunlight to grow tomatoes in Interior Alaska

Thrifting is a great way to save and slow fashion down. Read this post and see the example looks for inspirations on how to integrate thrift finds into your wardrobe and not look old fashioned. The most important trick is to go for timeless pieces when buying in thrift stores.

  1. What’s the Difference between a Thrift Store and a Consignment Store?
  2. How to Style a Shirt Dress Thriftstore Find
  3. Thrifting Score AK Pumps

What’s the Difference between a Thrift Store and a Consignment Store?

Consignment stores work for profit and pay for their merchandise. They may sell items on behalf of the owner or pay second hand pieces and resell them. On average, they sell higher quality items than thrift stores. Some may only medium and high end priced brands. Remember that the last time I browsed a consignment store, I had scored a pair of high end shoes:

A brand new pair of Etienne Aigner wedge sandals, which brand recalled childhood memories.

Typically the merchandise in thrift stores stems from donantions. Most of the money of the purchuases supports a non-profit organization. The finds can be there for a reason like not fitting well or shrunken in the washer or drier. However, they also can be brand new as they pieces may be unwelcome gifts to the donator.

Both have in common that they slow fashion down and save valuable resources and money.

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When you also want to slow fashion down, but don’t know which designer brands to look for at thrift shops, check the guide at the link. It’s full of tips you want to know.

How to Style a Shirt Dress Thriftstore Find

I paired the dress with my floral pumps that have the teal color in the print. I accessorized with the black pearl necklace that was a gift from my husband. The pearls have some teal shine to them. Since after a clear night, morning temperatures are in the lower 50s (~10oC), I added a trench coat for the commute to work. I wanted the teal of the dress to be the statement so the taupe tote that was a consignment find last summer was just perfect.

consigning fashion blogger in teal sleek shirt dress with floral pumps

fashioninfluencer in teal shirt dress styled for work

style blogger in a Burberry Brit trench coat with thrifted shirt dress, floral pumps, and black pearl necklac
Outfit details: Burberry Brit trench coat with Express shirt dress, Hermes Medor watch, Madonna True or Dare floral pumps, Dolce and Gabbana Madonna sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Jaeger tote and black pearl necklace (all own)

Thrifting score AK pumps

Sometimes you can score some brand new pieces like these Anne Klein pumps. Open toe pumps with a classic heel mean these pumps are not yesteryear. The branded fabric is very neutral meaning they go with a lot of pieces in any work wardrobe (see photo inspiration below).

Stylist tip: When buying shoes second hand, make sure they fit perfectly and check the heels. Having to bring them to the cobbler before being able to wear them means they are not as cheap as the price tag suggests!

I am not a big fan of label abbreviations prints all over a wardrobe item. However, in the case of these shoes, the label abbreviation made me excited and was the final kick to buy them. Anne Klein abbreviated as AK has the same abbreviation as Alaska. Thus, they called my name, and I call these pumps the state pumps 😉 .

details of summer office outfit

thrifting blogger in striped sheath dress with AK pumps
Calvin Klein striped linen sheath dress, Anne Klein open toe pumps, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, Tissot watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle and Jaeger bag (all own)


The pumps pick up the colors of some of the stripe. A great accessorizing trick is to pick up the color of another stripe with a necklace, bag and/or bangle like done in this outfit suggestion.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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