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What I like about life in Interior Alaska

A while ago my friend Greetje from No Fear of Fashion asked me what I like about living in Alaska. Here is an example of many reasons to love living in Alaska: The friendly people in Alaska who are happy for others’ achievements. Let’s turn the clock back about a decade or so to Mother’s Day.

Since years, the University of Alaska Fairbanks  has her commencement on Mother’s Day. This story happened early in the 2000s after the commencement celebration was over and everyone rushed to the restrooms after 3.5 hours of sitting and drinking water in the hot arena of the Carlson Center.

style blogger Nicole in a spring outfit with floral top and pink skirt in Alaska

Nicole of High Latitude Style looking posh in a work outfit for spring
Banana Republic tweed skirt with DIY statement belt, Cable and Gauge floral print top, and green Steve Madden pumps (all own)


Many women stood in line when I left the stall in the restroom. Being a faculty I was dressed in full doctoral regalia. I was about heading towards the sinks when an old lady who was next in line for the stall stopped me. “Congratulation to your graduation. Your parents must be proud of you. Seeing her daughter graduating on Mother’s Day is probably your mom’s best Mother’s Day gift ever.” she said. “Thank you” I replied and smiled.

In the twilight of the restroom, she must have overlooked that I was already in my end-thirties and that my hood was not blue and yellow.

professor in doctoral regalia
Doctoral regalia. The three blue velvet stripes indicate that the wearer has a doctoral degree. The hood shows the colors of the school where the wearer earned the degree.


Despite at that time my doctoral graduations were quite a while ago, I liked that someone who did not even know me took the time to congratulate (even though several years belated).

People in Alaska care about each other. #Alaskalife Click To Tweet

Other examples of reasons to live in Alaska are the helpful people when you have a problem, among other things you should know about Alaska. Do you like to live where you live? What do you like about living there? Let me know.

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Look of the day

The outfit in this post is a typical example for work outfits in spring. Fashionable women try to create lighten and brighten up their look by combining warm clothes like the tweed skirt with pieces from summer like the floral cardigan. It is all about the vibe not the actual decrease in insulation as springtime in Alaska can be 40 below as it was in March a couple of years ago.

How is spring like where you live? Are the trees already green? P.S. Don’t forget to check my gift guide for gift ideas and promo codes. Mother’s Day is around the corner.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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