Confident great work look with fall inspired colors

#over40  Fall work outfit| High Latitude Style |
Red cashmere sweater with tan A-line leather skirt, brown tights, accessorized with Gucci silk print scarf, Kieselstein Cord belt, H-belt buckle, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, and red Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own)
#over40 Fall office look | High Latitude Style |
Fall work outfit of tan leather skirt, cashmere sweater, belt for shape, scarf, bag, and red pumps

On my post on Monday, I talked about that a fashion/styling rule was not to wear red and brown together. Well, fall has a lot ore red and brown leaves in mid-latitudes, and it looks beautiful. Here, I created a fall color inspired outfit with red pumps, dark brown tights, tan-brown leather skirt, red cashmere sweater, brown belt, and a printed orange, red, dark and tan brown Gucci silk scarf.

This outfit is warm enough as “under-layer” and at work. To get there without feeling cold (as I did when we took the above photos) I added a warm short leopard printed jacket.

#styleover40 Fall outerwear | High Latitude Style |
Diamond leopard printed jacket with tan leather skirt

What do you wear this fall? Do you like fall colors? How do you style them?

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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