It’s not just you who dislikes these trends

New spring trends - yay or nay? Do you like the new spring fashion trends? This weekend I browsed the wordpress reader and stumbled upon a post from Likes of Me. She felt tired, may be fed up by (some of the) recent fashion trends and shopping offers (for 40+). The online offers are still [...]


In Alaska’s snow, a roadhouse is like Marrakesh

A winter Alaska roadhouse story about women talking about Alaskan men, and a chic winter office look to try.

Planets with green aurora have oxygen

Last week, I talked about the spaceport Poker Flat, Alaska that launches rockets for research on the aurora. In the Earth’s atmosphere, an electrically charged layer exists between 80 km and 400 km height. Here, molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, and oxygen atoms absorb X-rays and ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun. In this process, [...]