Why items reflect on clothing

Background Some of my readers asked about the physics of the color reflection that was visible in my post on scarves (here). The physics behind it Obviously, light reflects off…

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Planets with green aurora have oxygen

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Last week, I talked about the spaceport Poker Flat, Alaska that launches rockets for research on the aurora.

In the Earth’s atmosphere, an electrically charged layer exists between 80 km and 400 km height. Here, molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, and oxygen atoms absorb X-rays and ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun. In this process, the gas becomes excited, i.e. electrons jump to a higher orbit around their nucleus. Each affected molecule loses one or more of its electrons and then becomes a positively charged ion. Because of this ionization, this atmospheric layer is called the ionosphere.

When the electrons fall back to a lower orbit around the nuclei, the emitted radiation becomes visible as aurora. Auroras in the northern and southern hemisphere are called aurora borealis and aurora australis, respectively.


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September is Interior Alaska’s fall – if at all

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What does weather and climate and the change in seasons mean for fashion and style?

A lot, when you do not want to freeze, and nevertheless look stylishly. It determines how many clothes you need for a season and during the change of seasons, and you have to follow the weather forecasts to not get surprised by the first cold snap.

Short after I immigrated to Interior Alaska I overheard someone explaining to a visitor that Alaska has four seasons: June, July, August and winter. Tweet this. Living in the Interior since over 13 years, I would not disagree as in mid to end August the leaves turn yellow and are gone by mid September or so. One day in mid September, the weather switches from one day to the other to winter. This year, winter switched on September 23 with the first flurries flying.

How did I prepare for it?


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