Traffic jam killed my look of the day

Traffic jam killed my look of the day

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post. Outfit photo at 40 below is a Must-have-done Ever since the University of Alaska Fairbanks students made national news with their photo in bathing suits and snow boots, taking a photo at 40 below in a great bikini look has been on my to-do list. Thus, when ever [...]


Snowbirds dress differently

Prologue The air in the room feels like a bio-sauna, too hot and humid for Interior Alaskan residents, but comfortable for anyone from Houston, Texas. A smell of tobacco, marijuana, stale beer, sweat and cheap perfume fills the sticky, muggy air. Green, blue, white and red spotlights circle over the dance floor while expanding to [...]

Alaskans who like it, buy it in all colors

This post describes the shopping mentality of Alaskans.