A thing to love about life in Alaska

What I like about life in Interior Alaska A while ago my friend Greetje from No Fear of Fashion asked me what I like about living in Alaska. Here is an example of many reasons to love living in Alaska: The friendly people in Alaska who are happy for others' achievements. Let's turn the clock back about a [...]

Fight winter wardrobe boredom with spring fashion

Styling ideas to wear winter clothes in a different way to avoid get bored with your wardrobe

What Fairbanks and Venice have in common

What Fairbanks and Venice have in common

Venice a city built in the water Venice, the romantic honeymoon go-to for young couples in the 50s. The city built in a lagoon, singing gondoliers, the warm breeze of a spring, summer, or Indian summer fall day playing gently with the curls of the long blonde hair, a silk scarf or skirt of a beautiful floral print [...]