See what you were most interested in

See what you were most interested in

Recap of last month's best posts Another month has passed by in a fly. The countdown to Christmas has started and so has the stress of shopping for gifts. Rest for a moment, and enjoy reading the November recap. Most visited fashion links Non-boring downcoat Snow Touch floral print hooded down coat with GNW tight, [...]

Style blogging during dark nights

In winter, taking outfit photos is a real challenges when you live in the subarctic. It is dark when you leave to and come back from work. In artificial light colors may look different or odd reflection occur on every shiny item nearby. Furthermore, most interior places would bring noise into the photo as they [...]

Plaid shirt 4 work

This denim skirt plus plaid shirt with green cashmere sweater combination makes a nice work outfit for a casual office. In a more conservative work environment that allows wearing denim, it makes a nice casual Friday look. At the office, I wore these LK Bennett patent leather pumps, while for the commute I again wore [...]