19 tips to look ageless in knits

19 tips to look ageless in knits

Knits are basics in the cold season Knits are great to add color to our wardrobe. They are also comfortable and most of them do not require ironing. When wearing knits think beyond chunky heavy sweaters and jackets. Season-less, light knits are great investments and layering pieces. Layering is a great trend this fall and [...]


Beautiful look gets lost in ice fog

Ice fog That white cloud in the background of the uppermost photo looks impressive when its droplets and ice crystals reflect the light of the flash needed to take my outfit photo. In the second photo, my photographer just hit the button when I was standing in the ice fog. Ice fog is a common [...]

5 tips how to look great in a knit dress over 40

Knit dress are having a moment Are you in love with that knit dress in the window for 60% off and torn whether or not to get it? Your little angel tells you "knit dresses are a classic, go for it, beauty." However, the little devil in your head tells you "a knit dress can be tricky [...]