Coming to Alaska – house hunting

The stratus hung low and gray over the Interior with the tops of the White Mountains being in the clouds. You could feel the high humidity in the about 50F (10oC) cool mid summer air. A tall and slim retired military guy turned real estate manager drove his four-wheel drive SUV with 30 mph (48 [...]


Alaskans’ weird relationship with PJs

Alaskans love their PJs Many Alaskans have a weird relationship with their PJs. You often see people walking their dogs in PJs at sub-zero temperatures in bunny boots and a down coat. At sub-zero temperatures, people get outside in their PJs to pick up the newspaper from the box at the end of their driveway. [...]

Funday Monday gray-fuchsia winter work outfit

Funday Monday gray-fuchsia winter work outfit

Work outfit with chain belt, fuchsia pops of color and shearling motorcycle coat plus Funday Monday linkup