13 secrets of a stunning over-the-knee boots look

13  secrets of a stunning over-the-knee boots look

Tips how to style over the knee-boots in an ageless way


Spring means flowers

Adding flower with fashion when spring fails to have them Spring means flowers everywhere, but in Alaska. In Alaska, we, of course, also have four seasons: June, July, August, and winter. June means mosquitoes, July means wildfire smoke and smell, and August means rain and high water. Winter means below freezing temperatures, inversions, and air [...]

Do you still love the awesome look of over-the-knee-boots?

My first over-the-knee boots Ever since Julia Roberts wore over-the-knee boots in Pretty Woman, I loved them. My girlfriends and I bought our first pairs right after we saw the movie the first time. We all went for a flat pair as we sort of associated the stiletto heel too much with Vivian's job on [...]