I really love the contradiction of a floral bomber

Floral bomber trend I always liked bomber jackets and always had one in my closet. However, when I saw the floral bomber trend, I had to have one. I wanted it in cool neutral colors and an abstract print for a grown-up casual look. I also wanted that the bomber could substitute for a blazer, [...]


How I wear my floral bomber jacket

When floral and bomber jacket meet to be a trend I love bomber jackets and I love floral prints. Thus, when I saw this floral bomber on eBay, new with tags, I had to buy it. The floral print and silk fabric permit to wear it like a blouse. In a casual work environment, you [...]

You never get to Fairbanks by bloody accident

You never get to Fairbanks by bloody accident

Various interesting travel tips what to do in Fairbanks, Alaska as a destination