I really love the contradiction of a floral bomber

Floral bomber trend I always liked bomber jackets and always had one in my closet. However, when I saw the floral bomber trend, I had to have one. I wanted it in cool neutral colors and an abstract print for a grown-up casual look. I also wanted that the bomber could substitute for a blazer, [...]


What you loved in June on the blog

Summer musings on fashion and weather Well, 2016 is halfway gone. The days are getting shorter again which we don't see here yet in the Interior due to the midnight sun. The dogs days are about to come, at least in the mid-latitudes. They are a huge challenge to dress for. Hot and muggy means [...]

How I wear my floral bomber jacket

When floral and bomber jacket meet to be a trend I love bomber jackets and I love floral prints. Thus, when I saw this floral bomber on eBay, new with tags, I had to buy it. The floral print and silk fabric permit to wear it like a blouse. In a casual work environment, you [...]